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Apr 09 2008

A Landmark Day at the Watering Hole

My darlings, break out the bubbly! Dana’s been given the nod by another blog! Here’s George at Decepit Old Fool, explaining why he didn’t write a long post about Rep. Monique Davis: But why should I bother? En Tequila Es Veridad answers representative Davis just about right. If there was ever an appropriate use of …

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Mar 28 2008

We Have a Poet Laureate!

I just want to draw your attention to the Official Poem of En Tequila es Verdad: tremendous wine tremendous wine, electrically translucent,whisper every puppet so manuscripts release dreams.imagine a fermented monkey–funny beneath lime. -courtesy of The Magnetic Poet, Nicole Yes, this is what she’s capable of given a handful of fridge magnets. Now just imagine …

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