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Dec 12 2013

Needle Ice Mania: Nature Is Art (Even When Attempting to Freeze You to Death)

Ah, winter. Ah, week-of-sub-zero-temperatures. You know, we’re used to chill in Seattle, but we’re not used to day after day after day after etc. of freezing cold. The moderating influence of the nearby ocean generally keeps us from being uber-icy. But then comes a cold snap, and it seems like the whole place freezes solid. …

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Jan 08 2009

At Least It’s Not Snow…

Road damage at Blewett Pass. Photo/Washington State Dept. of Transportation / Seattle PI Photo Gallery I’m listening to our creek trying its best to imitate the White Salmon River rapids. Western Washington’s experiencing historic flooding due to a tropical storm. This could mean another unplanned day off for Dana, depending on how storm drain clearing …

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Dec 21 2008

First Day o’ Winter

I’ve been watching snow accumulate all night. The traffic cameras show that there are only strips of packed snow where the roads used to be. And it warmed up enough to start drizzling, which means everything’s formed a crust of ice. Snow should not break, but ours is. Even the buses have forsaken the valley …

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