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Nov 12 2012

People Have Always Had a Hammer Ready for Uppity Women

Since getting the Kindle Fire, I’ve been teaching myself the history I never learned. School wasn’t big on freethinkers (although they were big on paens of praise for the Founding Fathers – the real secularist ones, not the weird rabid Christian ones that only exist in right wingers’ heads). My education glossed the suffragettes. It …

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Apr 18 2011

Watch This. It’s Terrifying and Important

This is how easy it is to steal an election: Programmer under oath admits computers rig elections. (h/t via Suzanne)

Nov 04 2008

David Sedaris Clarifies Things for Undecided Voters

David Sedaris marvels at the inanity of the undecided voters paraded around on teevee. The choices really are this stark: I look at these people and can’t quite believe that they exist. Are they professional actors? I wonder. Or are they simply laymen who want a lot of attention? To put them in perspective, I …

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Nov 03 2008

An Open Letter to Undecided Voters

I wrote this in response to a plea from a diarist at Daily Kos. On the eve of the election, it seems appropriate to post it here. Dear Undecideds, I’m a dirty rotten liberal, so don’t listen to me. Listen to my conservative parents, who just voted for Obama: My father is a decorated Vietnam …

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Oct 30 2008

Washington State Voting with Kitteh

Got me ballot. Got me Google. This is the brilliant thing about mail-in ballots: I can sit here and really scrutinize the bastard, make sure I’m not voting for something that’s all sizzle and no substance. Consider this Dana Hunter’s Official List of Endorsements for the 2008 Washington State Election. Righty-o. In order of appearance: …

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Oct 20 2008

Can America’s Voting Procedures Possibly Be Any More Fucked Up?

Voting a straight ticket is anything but straight in this country. In North Carolina, if you’re voting a straight-party ticket, you must vote separately for the president. If you don’t, you risk your vote for president not being counted. In Texas, Alabama and South Carolina, voting a straight-party ticket includes the president. Email rumors, of …

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Oct 19 2008

Keep a Sharp Eye on Voting Machines

If your precinct uses those bloody touchscreen voting machines, make sure you watch who it’s voting for on your behalf: THE PROBLEM was that my touch-screen voting machine inaccurately put a green check mark in the McCain/Palin box when I touched my guy’s name. I followed the instructions and touched the incorrect check mark to …

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Oct 11 2008

Protect Your Vote from Republicon Marauders

Ah, ’tis Election Season. That hue and cry I hear must be the Republicons in full-throated panic over the potential of scary poor people, minorities and dirty liberals actually getting to vote. They know their “ideas” are noxious to the vast majority of thinking people. How else can they win but by trying to ensure …

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Aug 13 2008

Don’t Let the GOP Steal Your Vote

When assclowns get desperate, they turn to their old friend Election Fraud to help save the day. We’ve already seen harmonic tremors of what’s to come – remember those nuns who were denied the vote? The gentleman who got arrested for the hideous crime of presenting state-approved voter ID? The Supreme Court handed the 2000 …

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