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Mar 27 2013

Interesting Times II

The giant gavel of justice at the Ohio Judicial Center in downtown Columbus, Ohio. Image and caption courtesy Sam Howzit via Wikimedia Commons.

Here’s the news we’ve all been waiting for: the results of the investigation. Huzzah! After running their cherry-picked* interview statements past Legal and HR, the most that management could manage was a counseling notice for insubordination. As far as punishments go, it’s like a slap on the back of the hand and a giggled, “You …

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Mar 26 2013

Interesting Times

So Friday was a bit of a strange day. It started with management splitting up my former manager’s team and parceling us out other managers. It continued with me filing an ethics complaint because of my concerns over the legality of his firing. It concluded with them suspending me with pay “pending investigation.” Investigating what? …

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Dec 20 2008

Why Bush’s Bailout of the Auto Industry Fucks Up Some Cunning Con Plans

Bush flashes Cons the middle finger, bails out the auto industry: Senate Republicans can block congressional action, but they can’t, oddly enough, prevent their friend at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue from bailing out U.S. auto manufacturers. President Bush on Friday announced $13.4 billion in emergency loans to prevent the collapse of General Motors …

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Oct 05 2008

Welcome to the Company! Here’s How We Plan to Fuck You Over

This cuts a little too close to the truth, but it’s still funny: Let me just say a few words here. Corporations fear unions. I worked for a company that brought in union busters once: we didn’t unionize, and that company has now closed its doors, putting a lot of my friends out of a …

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