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Aug 11 2013

Cock Roaches: A Cautionary Tale

“Where you see one, there are hundreds more you can’t see,” my stepmother said. She’d gone with me to look at apartments. She’d pulled open a drawer to reveal a dead cockroach beneath. Other than that, the apartment was just what I was looking for, and the managers said they’d take care of the pests …

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Aug 05 2013

One Year to the Day

Vanna Whiting a hummock at Coldwater Lake, August 4, 2013. Snapped by Cujo359.

One year and one day ago, back when I was a smoker: ZOMG I miss those shorts… One year ago, when I was a non-smoker: ZOMG, I miss those pants… Anyway. Yes. Just realized, going through photos from last year’s Mount St. Helens jaunt, that it’s been a full year since I’ve lit a cigarette. …

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Jul 29 2013

Someone’s Been Living in an Alternate Reality Again


Ho, hum, another day, another dumbfuck claiming atheists have no basis for morality. I see Avi’s given them a right proper fisking. Good thing he’s a good writer, because this shallow shite’s points look like they came off an apologetics-for-assclowns site. Oh, my heck, does our Avi have patience. I’d’ve chucked this garbage in the …

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Jul 26 2013

Not So Good For a Laugh, Actually

People are not plants. We're animals. Animals haven't got chlorophyll. You need chlorophyll to live off of sunlight and water. Therefore: don't try to live like a plant unless you want to die like a starving person.

Skepticism matters, but it’s not enough. This is what happens when we stop at skeptical: The other day in the break room, I got into a brief banter with coworkers about people who believe they can live without eating. One person brought up a guru in India who claims to have lived without food for …

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Jul 13 2013

The vagaries of the Eastern Sierra

It’s no secret that Husband and I own property in the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains, about five miles south of the intersection of highways 108 and 395.  On our property,  cliffs of granite come close to or against the hwy 395 road; this is called the Devil’s Gate, for the muddy grief it gave travelers …

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Jul 04 2013

New at Rosetta Stones: the Geology of Fireworks

I got to thinking today, “I’ll be there’s a geology story behind fireworks. Betcha I can be lazy and link to the people who’ve already written it.” And lo, it was so. I found you some great articles: explanations of the science (including geology!) of fireworks for both kids and adults, plus a neat-o experiment …

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Jun 22 2013

Unleashing Nuclear Cute Option in 3…2…1…

I haven’t any substantial content for you today. I’m not sorry. In fact, I’m about to do something so vicious and evil that you will be mopping yourself off the floor for the next three days. Prepare for kitten… I know. I’m a bad, bad person. Bad, evil, cruel Dana. Perhaps these will help. I …

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Jun 05 2013

New at Rosetta Stones: Something Old (and, Remarkably, Less Boring Than You’d Expect)

So I’m still wrestling with Franklin Falls, I’ve 10,000 things to distract me, and I’m sadly behind on pretty much everything. But some of the stuff from my old days is going to be new to some of you, so what the heck – let’s share the ETEV love with Rosetta Stones. I shall show …

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Apr 29 2013

A Personal Post from Karen

I have a cousin by marriage — we’ll call her Mary for the sake of this post, not her real name.  She has lots of health issues, though the most dire one is bipolar disorder.  It keeps her from holding down any sort of job.  She’s married to a guy who has troubles of his …

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Apr 14 2013

The Mystery Fault, Part 3


In Part 2, we’ve established that the Silver Creek fault is, in fact, the southwestern boundary of the Evergreen basin.  But what’s it doing there, anyhow?  Back sometime around 10 to 15 million years ago, an early Hayward fault formed (an estimated 100 km (62 miles) south of where it is now) with a right …

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