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Nov 28 2013

Gone Eatin’, Plus Lots o’ Thanks

Image is of a cat lying on a dinner plate. The table also contains a salad bowl in the center and plates full of food. Caption says, "I is TURKEY.... stuff with noms.

So it’s that day again in America where we give thanks and stuff ourselves into a coma. Sometimes, Christians ask us what we have Thanksgiving for if we don’t believe in a god we can give those thanks to, which displays an appalling lack of imagination, not to mention no appreciation for the people around …

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Nov 22 2012

An Atheist at Thanksgiving

It’s here again, that time o’ year when the hue and cry from the churches is “Oh, teh poor atheists, they have no one to thank! Horrors! Don’t ever become an atheist because your thanksgiving will vanish in a puff of smoke! And you will burn in the flames forever!!” What a load of bollocks.

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Nov 24 2011

Thanks A Lot. Really. I Mean It.

So, Thanksgiving in America. I’m finding myself thankful for a lot of things today. I’m thankful that once I finish today’s shift, I’m free for four days. So, thank you, Sarah Josepha Hale. Thank you for not giving up until we had ourselves a holiday, and for so much else besides. Thank you, Tree Lobsters, …

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Nov 25 2010

Thinking of Thanks and Thankful for Thinking

I’m about to dive head-first into a marathon of Harry Potter movies, after a nice leisurely bath.  I guarantee you, I’m thankful for both of those things.  Some may think I’m crazy for being thankful for Harry Potter, o’ course, but that’s their loss.  Quidditch rules! This is a day of giving thanks.  First and …

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Nov 27 2008

Going Home for Thanksgiving? You Might Need This…

I need to see about collaborating with this delightful progressive on future projects: Oh, Lordy. It is that time again. Thursday is Thanksgiving— the official kickoff event of the 2008 holiday season. For a lot of progressives, these festivities also mean that we’re about to spend more quality time with our conservative relatives over the …

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