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Jan 18 2009

Gaza: Unilateral Cease-Fire

It’s nice that the bombs have (mostly) stopped falling, but I call bullshit: JERUSALEM – Israel declared a unilateral cease-fire in the Gaza Strip on Sunday meant to end three devastating weeks of war against Hamas militants, but just hours later militants fired a volley of rockets into southern Israel, officials said, threatening to reignite …

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Jan 17 2009

Gaza: What Will Change When the Bombs Stop Falling?

Israel may stop dropping bombs on Gaza as early as today: Israel’s security cabinet is expected to meet Saturday night to declare a cease-fire in Gaza and will keep its forces there in the short term while the next stage of an agreement with Egypt is worked out. “It looks as if all the pieces …

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Jan 16 2009

Gaza: Helpless as the Shells Fall

Gideon Levy describes a waking nightmare: The streets of Gaza Thursday looked like killing fields in the midst of the “third stage” and worse. Israel is arrogantly ignoring the Security Council’s resolution calling for a cease-fire and is shelling the UN compound in Gaza, as if to show its real feeling toward that institution. Emergency …

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Jan 15 2009

Gaza: Blood on Our Hands

It does not seem that Israel is making any effort at all to limit civilian casualties. That’s the inescapable conclusion I’ve reached after reading report after report speaking of bombs hitting the places where Gaza residents have fled in a vain attempt to avoid being killed. In the small hours of this morning, the AP …

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Jan 14 2009

Gaza: Running Out of Places to Bury the Dead

The tiny Gaza Strip confronts a new crisis as its living try to bury their dead: One family buried a slain son over his grandfather. Another bundled up the tiny bodies of three young cousins and lowered them into the grave of a long-dead aunt. A man was laid to rest with his brother. More …

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Jan 13 2009

Gaza: Democracy Among the Dead and Wounded

While our horrified attention is captured by falling bombs and rising bodycounts, Israel makes a mockery of the idea that it remains a vibrant democracy: If there’s a reasonable justification for this, it doesn’t come to mind. Israel on Monday banned Arab political parties from running in next month’s parliamentary elections, drawing accusations of racism …

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Jan 12 2009

Gaza: World on Fire

As Israel pours reservists into urban areas, protesters in other countries take to the streets: KARACHI, Pakistan — Security forces used tear gas and batons to repel anti-Israel protesters who tried to attack a U.S. consulate in Pakistan Sunday, as tens of thousands in Europe, the Middle East and Asia demonstrated against Israel’s offensive in …

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Jan 11 2009

Gaza: Escalating Out of Control

The attack on Gaza has gotten so extreme that the Wall Street Journal’s op-ed pages – yes, the conservative-loving, reality-hating WSJ op-ed pages – carry an editorial from a Palestinian-American with the uncompromising title “Israel Is Committing War Crimes.” George Bisharat makes a strong case: Israel had not suffered an “armed attack” immediately prior to …

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Jan 10 2009

Gaza: Writing Out a Will

Will this Palestinian child be one of those who writes out a will? In 1996, Israeli jets bombed a UN building where civilians had taken refuge at Cana/ Qana in south Lebanon, killing 102 persons; in the place where Jesus is said to have made water into wine, Israeli bombs wrought a different sort of …

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Jan 09 2009

About That Window for Humanitarian Aid…

Israel has a strange idea of what it means to allow humanitarian workers in to provide relief for starving, traumatized civilians: The U.N. suspended food deliveries to Gaza and the Red Cross accused Israel of blocking medical assistance after forces fired on aid workers, killing two, as the threat of a wider conflict emerged with …

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