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Feb 27 2009

We’re Coming for You

That’s right. No more free lunch for incumbents. No more job security. No more helpless handwringing as you Blue Dogs and spineless gits and corporate bitches get drunk on your own power. There will now be consequences for your actions: Some of the most prominent names in progressive politics launched a major new organization on …

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Aug 09 2008


As of 8:12 PM Pacific, the AccountabilityNow PAC’s moneybomb stands at $154,302. That’s a fuck of a lot of accountability. Muchos gracias to all who donated. Those who didn’t still can, if they’d like – don’t let the fact it’s not August 8th anymore stop you. Enough of us working together can ensure we’re a …

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Aug 08 2008

Drop the Bomb

Let’s make it loud, proud, and unforgettable.

Aug 06 2008

It’s Not Too Late to Jump Into Bed

We’ve settled the difficulties with Jane Hamsher’s elbows, Cujo359′s stopped shedding, and I’ve gotten help with my snoring. There’s no better time than now to join us in bed. There’s 3,240 of us right at the moment. That means your donation doesn’t have to be big to talk big. Why donate, you ask me? Why …

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Jul 22 2008

Bob Barr Endorses the Constitution

It’s no secret I’m thrilled that Bob Barr is running for President. I’m hoping he’ll draw off a good number of reluctant McCain supporters: he’s just conservative enough to manage it. And now I have a whole new reason to recommend him: he’s a privacy advocate who’s decided that FISA is poison to privacy. He’s …

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Jul 16 2008

Someone Get This Disaster Out of Office

I suspect Bush is going to spend the next six months doing his level best to destroy everything he can get his hands on. He knows he won’t be leaving a legacy, but scorched earth. He won’t try to turn things around: he’ll play the screaming, spoiled toddler he always does, and break the toys …

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Jul 12 2008

We’ve Lost the Battle – But the War Must Go On

So. A travesty of a surveillance bill has passed. The Powers that Be seem to expect the furor to die down now that the FISA amendment’s a done deal. Some former defenders of civil liberties might buy the argument that “I’m not a terrorist, I don’t talk to terrorists, so FISA ain’t nuthin’ to me!” …

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Jul 09 2008

Look Who Dana’s Sleeping With!

It’s a little hard to see, but this is what I found when I was looking for my name on the Strange Bedfellows list: That’s right. I’m sleeping right next to this fellow: I was delighted to discover Slobber and Spittle camped so close to En Tequila Es Verdad. We’re not strange bedfellows at all: …

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