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Feb 14 2011

Random Acts of Kindness Week

Apparently, there’s a special week devoted to pouncing on people and doing something nice to them.  And since I don’t blog about Valentine’s Day, this seems a suitably sappy substitute. I learned about this happy event from Steve Schimmrich, who thought he might be mugged but was handed a badly-needed dollar instead.  And it got …

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Feb 07 2011

No, I KNOW I’m Odd

I don’t think there are many call-center workers whose main rave about their new computer is the fact that it can pull up 5 pdfs at once without breaking a sweat.  There’s probably only a small subset of laypeople who would get so excited about finding a treasure trove of papers on the South China …

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Jan 23 2011

Overdose of Cute, Plus Snow!

Some of you like cute kitteh photos.  Well, this post is for you. My cat, who is spawn of Satan at the best of times and something Satan would flee from at the worst, has been overplaying the cute card over the past few weeks.  I believe she’s plotting something.  Or perhaps she’s just saying …

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Jan 07 2011


It’s been a week for sunsets.  Seems the only thing to do is to share the beauty. Two Ton Green Blog: Two Guilleabramson: Bariloche sunset (click for image) (h/t) BadAstronomer: Boulder sunset Two Ton Green Blog: Rutabaga Sunset Enjoy!

Jan 05 2011

In Which I Babble About My New Machine

After nearly six years, I’ve finally broken down and bought a new computer. My previous machine was a refurb HP Pavilion that had a whopping 50gb of memory and a processor that can only be described as not up to snuff.  Oh, it was fast when I got it (replacing an HP tower from the …

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Dec 22 2010

The World Is Weird

Check out what I came across whilst pulling images off of Google for the valley I’m working on: Blood Falls So at first, I was like, “Is that some sort of dye experiment gone horribly awry?”  But no.  It turns out to be something quite different and altogether natural, no matter how unnatural it looks: …

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Nov 29 2010

Sit and Watch the Sunset

It’s Monday.  Moreover, it’s the Monday after a holiday.  I know all you all need a little something beautiful right now, so go over and watch the sunset at Suzanne’s: That’s just the first of many gorgeous images.  Go on.  Go enjoy.  You’ve earned a beauty break.

Nov 25 2010

Los Links

Bored on a holiday weekend, are ye?  Had your fill of turkey, football, annoying relatives, Black Friday, all that rot?  Well, that’s good, because I’ve got lots o’ interesting links I’ve been meaning to do something about but never managed to get round to blogging. Pour yourselves a glass of something tasty and hopefully strong, …

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Nov 24 2010

Scenes from the Frozen Life

There’s been this fly on the porch since the storm started.  He appears to be frozen in place, but he’s been veeerrryyy slowly crawling up the side of the post.  He’s moved about three or four inches in two days. Just cuz, I decided to take pictures and foist them upon you: And a side …

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Nov 24 2010

Frozen Hydrology on My Geology

Three words: butt-ass freezing cold. Seattle’s not equipped for this Arctic air shit.  Inch or so of snow and ice, and the entire city shuts down.  Having already been in one car accident this year, I decided to forgo a second.  The car stayed home, and I hoofed it to work.  At least the sun …

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