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Jul 21 2010

Cujo Wields The Smack-o-Matic to Excellent Effect

On the frothing idiots throwing a major shit-fit over the planned mosque near Ground Zero: Compared to those people, Islamic terrorism doesn’t seem terribly frightening at all. Terrorists can never take from us what we are. Americans are the only ones who can do that. What we need to remember from this is that there …

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Jul 28 2009

Birthers Suffer a Blow

This week’s seemingly been bonza for Birthers. Cons in Congress have been so afraid to defy them that they’ve been taking all sorts of evasive maneuvers rather than a stand: Blogger-activist Mike Stark has been staking out Capitol Hill recently, trying to get Republican congressmen on the record about whether or not they believe President …

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Jul 25 2009

The Next Time Some Dumbshit Scaremongers About Canada…

…show them this: Our friends at Sadly, No! take a look at the actual outcomes between the US and Canada. I don’t think it will surprise you to see that the U.S. system doesn’t measure up so well: Circulatory disease deaths per 100,000: Canada: 219 United States: 265 Child maltreatment deaths per 100,000: Canada: 0.7 …

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Jul 19 2009

STLtoday.com Takes Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer Out to the Woodshed

The editorial board’s arms must be tired after this epic paddling, but it’s a good kind of tired: Last year’s global average temperature was the 10th warmest since 1850. In fact, eight of the past 10 years, and 13 of the last 14, are among the warmest on record. So naturally, Blaine Luetkemeyer, a Republican …

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Jul 14 2009

Sotomayor Confirmation Hearing: Sen. Whitehouse Tells It Like It Is

Glorious. The opening statements coming from the Judiciary Committee Republicans are predictably revolting, but Senator Whitehouse’s is a thing of beauty. Here’s just a short excerpt: It is fair to inquire into a nominee’s judicial philosophy, and we will have serious and fair inquiry. But the pretense that Republican nominees embody modesty and restraint, or …

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Jul 06 2009

I Know, I Know: You’re Sick of Sarah. But Wait’ll You Read The Teaser….

Sarah Palin, a Dead Parrot, and Scrotal Asymmetry What does scrotal asymmetry have to do with Sarah Palin? At first, the answer might seem like a mystery and an enigma wrapped in a conundrum. But the real answer is within our grasp, and it reveals something about the unreality of American politics. And astonishingly, it …

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Jun 30 2009

PalMD Gets Mail

It turns out chiropractors are no better than creationists when it comes to intellectual honesty: A long while back, at the original wordpress incarnation of this blog, I wrote a piece on the reasons that chiropractic is unscientific nonsense. Because it was popular, I moved it over here. Well, a chiropractor has come to bravely …

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May 30 2009

What Hilzoy Said

Hilzoy explores Obama’s recent bit of political aikido, and gets right down to the heart of things: Seriously: Obama is a serious student of the civil rights movement, which in turn drew a lot of inspiration from Gandhi. Both Gandhi and the Civil Rights movement made brilliant use of the following method: you do something …

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May 30 2009

Wikipedia PWNS Scientology

Heh heh heh. Awesome: Wikipedia has banned the Church of Scientology and its members from editing its site after discovering that members of the church were editing articles in order to give the church favorable coverage. The move is being hailed as “an unprecedented effort to crack down on self-serving edits,” and it is the …

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May 24 2009

Olbermann to Hannity: “You Are Now Unnecessary”

Keith Olbermann has pronounced Sean Hannity a superfluous piece of shit: Last night on Countdown, Olbermann announced that he was rescinding the offer to Hannity, and instead giving $10,000 to charity following radio host Erich “Mancow” Muller’s waterboarding attempt. Olbermann promised to donate to the charity Veterans of Valor, founded by Sgt. Klay South, who …

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