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Mar 17 2009

We’re Not Worthy

I must now, with some regret and no little awe, acknowledge I’ve been knocked from the pedestal of Grand High Extreme Progressive. Radha has pwnd us all: I beat Dana! I beat Dana! 372 Now anyone just TRY beating that! We are all merely in Radha’s shadow. Which will be super nice come summer. Congratulations, …

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Feb 27 2009

We’re Coming for You

That’s right. No more free lunch for incumbents. No more job security. No more helpless handwringing as you Blue Dogs and spineless gits and corporate bitches get drunk on your own power. There will now be consequences for your actions: Some of the most prominent names in progressive politics launched a major new organization on …

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Jan 04 2009

Cons Are Afraid. I Am Well Pleased.

If anyone’s wondering if Obama’s administration is too conservative, moseying over to the other side of the aisle for a look at the sturm und drang should lay your fears to rest: The Washington Post has an item today highlighting the fact that some conservative activists are concerned because the Obama transition team includes plenty …

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Dec 06 2008

Another Progressive Voice

More signs progressives have nothing much to worry about when it comes to Obama’s administration: To people worried about the seeming centrist tilt (um, wait, can you tilt to the center?) of many of president-elect Barack Obama’s appointees, this morning’s announcement that FDL Book Salon guest and progressive economist Jared Bernstein had been named VP …

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Dec 03 2008

Psst… Hey, Cons. We’re Coming For You

I think America started a little something. First, we have Canada’s left flexing its muscles and getting ready to pop Stephen Harper in the face. Even Stéphane Dion, whom I’d heard had all the vim and vigor of a piece of wet paper, is breathing some fire. And they’re not the only ones: In England …

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Nov 25 2008

Progress on the Progressive Front

There’s been a lot of bitching on the left about the dearth of progressives in Obama’s cabinet choices. I haven’t any sympathy. Obama didn’t promise us a progressive rose garden. He flat-out told us he’s going to go post-partisan on our asses. And when he has chosen progressives to help him transition and govern – …

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Nov 21 2008

Waxing Progressive

You can shoot me for the pun later. But it’s true: the progressive moon is on the rise. Here’s the latest great good news: In a stinging rebuke of the Blue Dog caucus, Henry Waxman has defeated John Dingell for Chairmanship of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Why, it seems like only yesterday the …

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