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May 05 2009

Don’t Rely on Tamiflu to Save You

The swine flu’s turning out to be a bit of a bust so far – no vaccine, but on the other hand, not quite as deadly as regular flu. O’ course, the 1918 pandemic followed Aristotle’s great rule of drama, too, so we can’t get complacent just yet. We also don’t need to riot in …

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May 04 2009

Pork Pushers Demand Name Change for Swine Flu

Funny. I don’t remember chicken farmers whining over avian flu being called avian flu. You’d think pork producers would be just as tough. Yet here they are, squealing like stuck pigs: That’s right, people. It’s not just Obama refusing to call SWINE Flu by its real name – namely, SWINE Flu – but on The …

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May 01 2009

Swine Flu Swine

Way to bring on the stupid, Arizona. Are you proud of electing these assclowns now? In the wake of the swine flu outbreak, we have the inevitable calls for closing the borders with Mexico (h/t): “A spokesman for Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., said Wednesday night that Franks believes the border should be closed right now …

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Apr 30 2009

Swine Flu: The Terrarists Diddit

Newest wingnut theory: the swine flu is a terrorist attack: Larry Klayman and the Worldnutdaily are a perfect match. If Michelle Bachmann is the prom queen at Wingnuttia High School, Klayman is her king. His latest bit of lunacy is in claiming that the outbreak of swine flu is an act of biological warfare. And …

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Apr 29 2009

Swine Flu Advice and Such

Hilzoy brings us a wonderful guest post by the Ruths Karron and Faden: At this point, it is impossible to predict whether we are on the brink of an influenza pandemic. The threat is real, however, and governments across the globe are working hard to mitigate the potential impact of swine flu. This is right …

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