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Jul 06 2009

I Know, I Know: You’re Sick of Sarah. But Wait’ll You Read The Teaser….

Sarah Palin, a Dead Parrot, and Scrotal Asymmetry What does scrotal asymmetry have to do with Sarah Palin? At first, the answer might seem like a mystery and an enigma wrapped in a conundrum. But the real answer is within our grasp, and it reveals something about the unreality of American politics. And astonishingly, it …

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Jun 24 2009

Sarah Palin Word Salad Bar

I’m catching up on all the blog reading I missed whilst gallivanting around Arizona. I spent tonight on Canadian Cynic, where I came across the link to this exercise in agony. I feel so sorry for AKMuckraker, who actually subjected himself to 17 minutes’ worth of Palin. At least I got to pause and go …

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Nov 07 2008

Horrifying Thought

Deargodspleasenoooooooo: Asked Wednesday whether she still believed that Mr. Stevens should resign, Ms. Palin was circumspect, saying only that the people of Alaska “just spoke” on the issue at the ballot box and that “they want him as their senator.” She said Mr. Stevens should decide “what happens next.” (Mr. Stevens could still be forced …

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Nov 02 2008

Palin Pranked by Pretend President

Watch this in its entirety. Then, after you’ve picked your laughing ass off the floor, wiped the tears of mingled mirth and horror, and regained a semblance of composure, send it on to all of those relatives, coworkers, acquaintances and friends who have clung tenaciously to the idea that voting for McCain/Palin is the right …

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Oct 22 2008

Walking the Walk: Palin Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot

Sarah Palin’s talent for fucking herself over every time she opens her mouth is truly mind-boggling: “Here’s the difference between John McCain and our ticket and Barack Obama and Joe Biden,” she said. “We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. And that’s why in not just that first speech, but in every …

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Oct 11 2008

Sarah Palin’s Fuckwittery Knows No Bounds

I know, I know. I’m not telling you anything new. But there’s fuckwittery, and then there’s scummy fuckwittery, and then there’s this kind of fuckwittery: The Alaska governor told Ingraham’s listeners that if those questions were being answered, voters would find Obama “out of the mainstream,” adding that the Illinois senator would diminish “the prestige …

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Oct 09 2008

A Ready Supply of Brownshirts

Decent people are baffled by atrocities. They want to believe that regular folks don’t engage in horrible acts of mass violence. That attitude was pronounced in the years following the Holocaust: we in the West have a superiority complex, and we just couldn’t imagine that ordinary Europeans took enthusiastic part in Hitler’s Final Solution. His …

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Oct 06 2008

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Interview Sarah Palin!

One thing McCain provided us with his disastrous pick: endless opportunities for amusement. First we had the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator. Then we had the Gibson and Couric interviews. Assorted and sundry gaffes, misstatements, flotsam of the past rising up to sink her, protests, and a zillion other utterly unbelievable idiocies chronicled lavishly here …

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Oct 05 2008

Palin Sez: Who the Hell’s Hamas?

Sarah Palin on Hamas: Oh, yeah. Those are some serious foreign policy chops. You betcha. I invite you to look up the definition of “word salad.” I believe Sarah Palin is suffering from a political form of it. If you run across any ignorant fools who are enamored of Palin, you might want to ask …

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Oct 02 2008

Biden vs. Palin: a Preview

This video should tell you exactly who’s bringing the sizzle and who’s bringing the steak to tonight’s debates: Biden can discuss Supreme Court decisions intelligently and in depth. Palin vomits forth a loosely-connected stream of platitudes, personal impressions, and smoke. There is no contest here. Palin is not the droid you are looking for.

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