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Jul 30 2010

I Probably Require Medical Attention

Far too many years ago, I was in a Mexican cantina (continuing my) drinking after my first Circus Mexicus.  Stevie, then the Peacemakers’ lead guitarist, was sitting a few tables away.  We were not yet drunk enough to approach him and engage in appropriate worship.  And then our chance seemed to have passed, as he …

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Jun 26 2009

Tears for Strangers

You know, the last thing I expected was a little jolt when I found out Michael Jackson died. I wasn’t a fan, didn’t like his music, and certainly didn’t like the man. But I can’t deny that it felt like there was suddenly a strange empty space in the world. A rather small one for …

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May 04 2009

Somebody Bring Me a Chainsaw

Tree Porn There’s only one time of year when deforestation starts looking really fucking tempting. That’s when every tree in the forest is having an orgy. They’ve been at it for weeks now. All I want to do is breathe again. Somebody bring me a chainsaw. A really fucking big chainsaw. And lots of fuel. …

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Apr 27 2009

Words and Music

When Simon & Garfunkel songs get lodged in my head, they’re usually songs like “The Sound of Silence” or “Bridge Over Troubled Waters,” possibly “Mrs. Robinson” or “The Boxer.” They’re one of the bands my dad and I used to listen to together. Stuff like this makes you realize the ol’ dad is kinda cool …

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Apr 10 2009

One o’ Those Days

So I get in to work, and before I can settle in, my supervisor comes over. How would I like to rep support, he sez. D’oh, shit. Cuz when you’re rep support, you get to take supervisor calls. Some people ask for a supervisor because they need one. Others ask because they don’t want to …

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Apr 06 2009

My Cat Can’t Even Be Bothered to Laugh

So I’m still getting used to where things are. Like, y’know, the sofa. This is important to know when you’re sitting on the floor with your back to it, and you whip round to get up without paying attention to small details like how close the sofa is to your face. And when I misjudge …

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Apr 02 2009

The Perils of Playing Suzie Homemaker

I’m blogging whilst wounded tonight, my darlings. A word to the wise: when you’re scrubbing the glass from a picture frame, don’t take it for granted that the edges are dull like all the glass in your other picture frames. Luckily, it’s merely a flesh wound. Well, wounds. Speaking of pictures, I ordered some: That …

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Apr 01 2009

Watching Teevee

I spent most of today at home, cleaning and arranging decorative shit, hanging decorative shit, and trying to get curtains to hang right on the first try. All of this stuff is dreadfully exciting. So exciting that I felt the need to watch more teevee than I have in two years. It’s been… odd. There …

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Mar 28 2009

How I Feel Today: Moving Edition

It’s that time in the moving process when, upon being faced with yet another box to unpack, you either want to do this: Or this: No store seems to carry the two-shelf bookcases I wanted for the bedroom. I can’t get the phone jacks to work. And the new super-awesome shower caddy I bought doesn’t …

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Mar 27 2009

Random Observations on Living in a New Place

My cat has become a balcony slut. In the old place – y’know, the one with the awesome view of all the tasty water birds in the pond – my cat would remain outside for about thirty seconds, tops, before demanding to be let back inside. Here, she’s at the door the second I start …

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