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May 04 2011


I feel like waxing sentimental about sediments again.  And one word, just one, is all it takes to put me in an altered state: Kaibab. Just say it: kye-bab.  Short.  Slightly exotic.  Maybe it doesn’t roll off your tongue.  Maybe it sounds a bit hard, truncated, abrupt.  It’s a Paiute word that means “mountain lying …

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Apr 03 2011

How It All Began

Here we are, then: the first in the series of user-generated topics.  Glacial Till writes: I think a post on your blogging history would be cool. What led you to blogging? Who are your inspirations and such.  Oh, my.  Let’s see if I can remember back that far… Got me start on LiveJournal, actually, many …

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Mar 27 2011

Some Brief Thoughts on Death and Dying

Diana Wynne Jones, outstanding fantasy writer and Neil Gaiman’s friend, died. She lived a long life, and a good life, and left a lot of magic behind. I found myself standing on the balcony after hearing the news, staring into the sky at the stars, and caught myself thinking, “I hope Death came for her.”  …

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Feb 10 2011

Confessions of a Female Misogynist Vol. 1: So Wrong About Writers

So, ScienceOnline 11 sparked a small revolution.  I first noticed a small rumbling: celebration that over 50% of the participants were women.  Then the rumbling turned into an eruption, as women and allied men started going “Well, then, why are the women so invisible WTF?!”  For a selection of links on that topic, see here. …

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Oct 12 2010


Over at Glacial Till, Ryan has a post up sparkling with excitement – his first trip up Mt. Hood, y’see.  Read it if you haven’t.  His enthusiasm’s contagious, and we can all use some of that. Sparked some memories, that, and a few realizations.  This threw me a bit: Nor was I prepared for the …

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Sep 09 2010

A Shout-Out to Evergreen and Union-Negotiated Health Insurance

Wednesday was fun.  About half an hour into my shift, the mild discomfort I’d been feeling announced itself as a full-blown kidney stone.  I’m prone to the bastards, and apparently the one that had announced its existence a few months ago didn’t so much pass as await a better opportunity.  Anyone who’s had these before …

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Sep 04 2010

The Hazards of Working for a Major Cell Phone Provider

So, the phone rings the instant I get home tonight.  It’s my mother.  She has acquired a phone with the company I work for.  We then spend the next two hours going through her service with a fine-toothed comb to ensure there’s no surprises, and I have to explain how picture messaging works. Argh.  I’m …

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Aug 04 2010

Life on the Rocks

This whole post started because Lockwood asked me a question on Facebook: Where was your profile photo taken? Those are some rocks I would classify as Om Nom Nom. That was pretty much my response when I first saw ‘em.  That’s the South Bluff at Discovery Park.  Moi at Discovery Park.  All photos taken by …

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Aug 03 2010

Fangirl Gets Noticed by the Rock Stars, Freaks the Hell Out

And when I say rock stars, I mean geobloggers.  Y’know, the real rock stars. My darlings.  Please put down the handy throwable objects.  I promise that’s the last silly pun in this post.  Now stop aiming at my head.  Thank you. Now, allow to ‘splain, or at least sum up.  Earlier today, several geobloggers I …

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Aug 01 2010

Now That’s An Engineering Project!

When we went to Arizona last year, my intrepid companion and I crossed Hoover Dam.  It’s not an experience I care to repeat any time soon.  Lots of traffic funneled through an itty-bitty road sucks mightily.  But considering we weren’t getting anywhere anyway, we pulled over to snap some pictures and ogle the Hoover Bridge, …

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