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Nov 21 2008

Progress Report: Down the Mountain

26,486 Good thing we’re past the halfway point, considering there’s only nine days left, eh? I think I’ve mostly finished with the confusions. The only one I haven’t really deconstructed is “Theology is Philosophy,” which I need to scare up some resources for. If any of you have thoughts on that, now would be an …

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Nov 20 2008

Progress Report: Holy Shit, Look at the Time!

24,505 I love my job for one reason: we have a health clinic. I took advantage of same today because one of my tonsils insisted on catching the latest ick and my glands are swelling to the size of kumquats, which doesn’t sound like much until you look in the mirror and realize that, compared …

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Nov 19 2008

Progress Report: Want Sleep

22,247 Trying to debunk Christian confusions about atheists without sounding like a list of “thou shalt nots” is rather harder than it sounds. But we’re giving it ye olde college try: CONFUSION #1: ATHEISTS DESERVE PITY Whether an atheist has given up their faith or never had it to begin with, a common reaction from …

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Nov 18 2008

Progress Report: Top o’ the Mountain’s In Sight

20,659 I’ll be hitting the halfway point in the next two days, and then from there it’s a nice, easy downhill saunter. Or so I hope. Like most writers, I get my best momentum going when the deadline looms. When I get momentum at all, that is… We’ve gots plenty o’ momentum with this. I’m …

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Nov 17 2008

Progress Report: Look, It May Not be Much, but It’s Progress

18,830 Less than a thousand words, yes, I know. With Aunty Flow here and a ton of ridiculous nonsense to take the Smack-o-Matic to, we’re lucky it’s over three hundred, all right? You may be wondering, “But Dana, where did that lovely peacemaking attitude go?” It’s still here. It’s just that you can’t make peace …

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Nov 16 2008

Progress Report: Sweetness and Light and All That Rot

18,191 I admit it. I skipped. I wasn’t in the mood for listing off all those silly things Christians do to try to put one over on atheists, so I’m moving ahead to another new chapter: Reaching Each Other. It was in part inspired by the concert tonight, and in part by my best friend. …

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Nov 15 2008

Progress Report

16,108 I’ve added a new chapter: When Atheists and Christians Collide. When Christians get into a scuffle with atheists, they’ve got so many tattered trump cards they try to play that I figured I’d make a spirited attempt to list them out and let everybody know it’s been done, debunked, and please come up with …

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Nov 14 2008

Progress Report: Ooouuuucccchhhh

14,046 In less than two hours, I’ve written nearly two thousand words, and my fingers are swollen, my eyes gritty, and my stomach wondering just when it’ll get some of that food it was promised. I love nights like this. This is how I NaNo: screw the daily word count, it’s a trickle here, trickle …

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Nov 13 2008

Progress Report

11,534 And might I say there would have been a lot more if the cat hadn’t had a deliberate accident in my bed, necessitating a long clean-up. If it ain’t one damned thing, it’s another. This is why many writers wish they could live in a vault, alone, with pre-prepared meals and a plentiful supply …

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Nov 12 2008

Progress Report

10,828 You know, this is all going to go much better when Aunty Flow’s been and gone. Look up the symptoms of perimenopause if you really want a gruesome description of how I’m feeling just now. But we’re making progress despite the unrelenting uterus. I’ve collapsed a couple of chapters together, and have inklings of …

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