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Dec 06 2008

“How to Talk to an Atheist” Coming to an In-Box Near You!

At least, it is if you requested a copy. If you did, and it’s not there, email me at dhunterauthor at yahoo dot com so I can rectify the situation. My powers of organization, they sucketh mightily, so I may have missed a few folks. If you didn’t request a copy and regret not getting …

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Nov 30 2008

Progress Report: We’ve Crossed the Line

50,243 Woozle was right. We’re not done yet. There’s some cleaning up to do – atheist bios to add, a bibliography and list of resources to complete – but for the most part, this is the finished first draft. It never would have happened without your help, input and encouragement. Copies will be going out …

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Nov 29 2008

Progress Report: All-out Dash to the Finish

48,149 Remind me to tell you later what happened when my supervisor found out the subject of the book I’m writing. Too tired to discuss it now. I’ve been all over this book, from beginning to end, adding a bit here and a chunk there. Here’s one inspired by you lot, which I hope will …

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Nov 28 2008

Progress Report: Oops

43,101 I was supposed to be much further along tonight, but I made the mistake of deciding to go back and bung in the list of famous atheists, with little thumbnail bios. Sounds simple, right? No. Not when you have to sort through some rather extensive lists, which you whittle down by well-known names, further …

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Nov 27 2008

Progress Report: Nearly There

42,031 Yepper. Less than 8,000 to go, and only 1/2 day of work standing between me and a completed book. I could probably even sneak out for Thanksgiving, but not if I want those last 8,000 words to be more than useless babble. The bits that are left require research. So home I stay, and …

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Nov 26 2008

Progress Report: Yep. A Train

39,299 Definitely a train. That’s got to be what that light at the end of the tunnel was, because I feel like I’ve been hit by one. I did a desultory bit of work tonight revising The Rules for the purposes of this book. I’m stuck on #9. My brain resembles tapioca far too much …

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Nov 25 2008

Progress Report: A Little Something Extra

38,036 Skipping ahead again, and adding a new section. Right now, it’s an appendix, but I might make it a chapter proper. I’m talking about life after faith, because of this. Appendix II: Life After Faith In memorium Jesse Kilgore I wrote this book for stalwart Christians who are perplexed by atheists and needed a …

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Nov 24 2008

Progress Report: Mwah

35,433 Mwah. That’s all I’ve really got to say. Here’s the end of the chapter on science: BUT THERE’S MORE TO LIFE THAN SCIENCE, I HEAR YOU CRY Myself, I’m not so sure that’s true anymore. I used to subscribe to the idea that science explained the how while religion explained the why, but science …

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Nov 23 2008

Progress Report: Shoot Me Now

33,429 I really shouldn’t have punked off the week of the election. Argh. Ah, well, we’re closing in, and as long as I live off of frozen dinners and energy drinks, we’ll get there. Have a snippet from ye olde chapter on science: A SCIENCE PRIMER There are lots of groups out there now who …

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Nov 22 2008

Progress Report: Ouch the Reprise

30,353 I’m cheating. I slapped a Preface onto this thing, because I’m not sure I’ve got enough left to make 50,000 without it, and I wasn’t sure where things were going next. When in doubt, add useless bits as filler – you can always cut them later, and the mere act of writing something can …

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