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Feb 02 2013

Saturday Song: Butterfly Lovers

Black and white and beautiful all over.

Okay, so this is the most magnificent thing I’ve ever seen human beings do. Well, do while dancing, anyway. I mean, she’s standing en pointe on this dude’s head, and – just watch. Words. I haven’t any. I just. That’s simply. Mwah. You know what, that’s art. That’s pure bloody art right there, and it’s …

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Jan 06 2013

Sunday Song: Feeling Emu

You lot take me to some weird places. So I post a picture of a green beach rock, and next thing I know, Heliconia’s comparing it to an emu egg and RQ’s asking if emu eggs are green. So I got curious. And I looked. And day-yamn. They surely are. Remarkable. The resemblance, as Heliconia …

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Jan 01 2013

Tuesday Tunes: New Year’s Day

Gotz party favorz

Oh, hai, 2013! Glad u maed it! Ai tink we shuld taek this srsly. We shuld haev srs tradishunal song. Culdn’t find wun in lolcat, soree. But it’s pritee. We culd drink to dat! Who haz teh bubblee? Furst rool grate drinkin’: start wid champagne an build. Dunno. Don’t tink moderashun iz here. We’ll have …

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Dec 30 2012

Sunday Song: The Bagpipes o’ War

I’m sorry. Yes, I know, there’s a great and noble history, and art, and skill, and all that, but when I hear this line: “Bagpipers play the tunes of war” I still burst out laughing. Every time. Something in me can’t accept bagpipes as instruments you’d go to war with. I suppose they do look …

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Dec 24 2012

Christmas Eve Sarajevo, Two Versions

So this is a beautiful song, one of my favorite pieces. It’s up to you which version you choose. There’s the Trans-Siberian Orchestra version, which is a little more fantasy and wonder and has kittens and a very sweet little girl. And then there’s the Savatage version, used on their Dead Winter Dead album, and …

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Dec 23 2012

Sunday Song: Autumn’s Last Gasp

Last gasps o' autumn I

Really. This is getting seriously ridiculous. Autumn refuses to leave. But I think it’s on its last legs now, so this may honestly and actually be the last of it. These lovelies are from my breaking-in-shoes walk a couple of Saturdays ago. For the most part, we’re down to a few bedecked branches, and some …

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Dec 21 2012

Maya Apocalypse Day Music Madness: Only The End of the World Again!

Welcome to the Umpteen Thousandth Annual Apolcalypse! Brought to you by the Maya Long Count Calendar – and we all know that things carved in stone must be true. Never mind that people have based their idea that the end times are upon us on a cultural misunderstanding. Somehow, the fact that the Maya expected …

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Dec 08 2012

Saturday Song: Forever Autumn

Autumn willows and poplar on the pond at North Creek.

It’s winter, but some of the autumn leaves don’t care. They were showing off spectacularly during the last break in the weather. Hence, another post full o’ autumn songs and pictures.

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Dec 02 2012

Sunday Song: Neverworld’s End

It’s December 2012. End o’ the world, folks! What else can I do but feature end o’ the world songs? And laugh about people actually thinking this Mayan calendar hokum is right, and continue to think so despite thorough debunking. I do so love end of the world predictions! I especially love the morning after. …

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Nov 25 2012

Sunday Song: Afterimage of Autumn

Autumn I

Autumn images have proven unexpectedly popular, so it’s a good thing I’m not out of pictures – or songs – yet. But all good things, etc. This will, alas, be the last – until next autumn. Of course, if you’re all very fortunate and I’m unlucky indeed, we may have some spectacular winter shots coming …

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