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Jan 18 2014

Can Someone With Bollywood Knowledge Please Tell Me WTF’s Going On Here?

Goddess going after a god with a trident. I don't know who she is, but I bloody love her style.

I miss Nami and Janhavi. They used to drag me to their houses to watch Bollywood films. I’d sit there watching people in very colorful costumes swirl around, and I’d listen to some very energetic songs, and be thoroughly mystified as to what was happening and why my friends were laughing their asses off. But …

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Dec 01 2011

The Truth About Guys and Gals

Last night was completely fucked up in all the best ways. Well, most of them. And it’s led to semi-deep thoughts. Mind you, I hadn’t had enough sleep. I’d had a shitty day at work, following the shittiest four-day weekend I’ve had in forever, and just that afternoon our call center director had asked me …

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Jun 30 2009

Didn’t Miss a Thing – Aside from Pure Fucking Bullshit

Last week, my friends at work invited me to go see Transformers when it opened. I’m a purist, so I said no. I’m not having my delightful childhood memories of a damned fine cartoon ruined by live-action malarkey. Turns out it’s a bloody good thing I didn’t go, because I would’ve spent most of my …

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Jul 20 2008

Oceans of Inspiration

Every writer has something that opens every floodgate and releases images and words in torrents. A song, a drink, an exercise, a person. For me, it’s movies. Certain movies become anthems. They scour me down to essentials: I become an instrument, nothing more than the story that’s unfolding inside me, spilling from my fingers faster …

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Jul 19 2008

Yeah, About Happy Hour….

It’s gonna be late. Dark Knight calleth. How can I resist?

Jul 18 2008

Dark Knight

So dark. This is one of those movies that will scour your soul. And yet leave you feeling oddly energized… Nothing much to say except they got it exactly right. Heath Ledger’s Joker blew me completely away, left me scrambling for a little toehold on a cliff face of insanity. Bravura performance. This film is …

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Jun 15 2008


NP pointed out this evening that I’ve reached post 300. I’ve been so busy it almost escaped my notice. That would have been tragic, because I would’ve missed my chance to pay tribute to one of the best graphic novels and best films of all time. I wouldn’t have had an excuse to paste enormous …

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Jun 14 2008

“Letting Go of God” – A Ramble About An Excellent Film

I’ve only just come back from seeing Julia Sweeney’s film “Letting Go of God.” It’s one of those rare non-fiction films that’s going to make itself a happy home on my DVD rack. The woman is side-splittingly funny, and she’s a godsend to the godless. If it swings by your town, I highly recommend it …

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