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Jul 15 2009

Birther in the Military

I wonder if a discharge for chronic stupidity comes under “dishonorable” or “medical”? U.S. Army Maj. Stefan Frederick Cook, who should be getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan, is instead seeking a temporary restraining order under the guise of being a conscientious objector. Cook is a birther who is arguing that President Obama is not …

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Jul 15 2009

Another Hilzoy Must-Read: the F-22 Fiasco

This is among the many reasons I don’t want to see Hilzoy retire: Yesterday, Barack Obama repeated his threat to veto the defense authorization bill if it contains money to buy more F-22 fighter jets. He’s absolutely right. I hope he prevails over the various Senators who are trying to put the money back in. …

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Jul 06 2009

Our Military May Be Headed In the Right Direction

For anyone who, like me, worries about all of the fundamentalist fanaticism that’s infiltrated the military over the last many years, this comes as a joyous surprise: The military was regularly providing flyovers at countless evangelical Christian events all over the country, not only violating the regulations prohibiting military participation in religious events, but spending …

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May 22 2009

What Does Torchwood Have To Do With DADT?

So glad you asked. Cujo’s got your answer. I love it when pop culture and political news can be combined into teachable moments, don’t you?

May 21 2009

Methinks It’s Time to Repeal DADT

In case no one noticed, we’re in the midst of two fucking wars, here. The military’s so desperate they’re letting convicted criminals serve. But they’re still enforcing DADT – WTF? Rachel Maddow’s introduction of the segment on Lieutenant Colonel Victor J. Fehrenbach last night told a rather remarkable story. “[Fehrenbach is] an F-15 fighter pilot, …

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Mar 18 2009

The Military-Industrial Complex Ain’t Gonna Like It

Watching Defense Secretary Robert Gates prepare to inflict pain upon defense contractors delights me: It’s got to be done, and using someone like Gates to do it is a smart plan. But we can expect defense contractors to throw a lot of political muscle and money into the fight: [snip] Now, as the only Bush …

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