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Dec 22 2013


Hoarfrost on my car's side-view mirror. It made the whole car look fuzzy and adorable. This close-crop makes it look silvery-dark and a bit grim.

Happy Belated Solstice! Twas yesterday, that day when the year reaches its extreme. In this hemisphere, it’s the shortest. We’re deep in the dark and cold. Seattle celebrated early with a bit o’ snow, the day before the darkest day.

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Dec 25 2012

A Christmas Sermon by Robert Ingersoll

Something tells me that Robert Ingersoll and Bill O’Reilly wouldn’t have gotten along. I like that. I hope you’re currently surrounded by food, friends, and family (whether by birth or family you chose). For those of you stuck at work, I wish you an easy shift, and thank you! Did everyone get their gift from …

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Dec 26 2010

Christmas Rocks

In more ways than one.  For instance, I’m not at work.  Woot! By the time you read this, it’ll be Boxing Day, so Happy Boxing Day!  That holiday always confused me as a kid.  I had no idea why there would be a special holiday for beating people up.  Then I found out it was …

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Dec 25 2008

I’ll Be Goofing Off for Christmas

Substantial political snark will return to this blog after I’m done playing around the intertoobz. For now, I’m playing Santarina and bringing you the gift of awesomely silly Christmas weirdness. This shall take its place among the most politically incorrect Christmas stories ever: A Joe Camel Christmas. Have you ever wondered how monks under a …

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Dec 24 2008

Christopher Hitchens Snowman Sez: Happy Midwinter!

Well, sorta Christopher Hitchens. Look, it’s smoking. I didn’t have any mini bottles of liquor to round out the festive image, but I did me best. Whatever winter solstice festivities you partake in, enjoy them muchly. Love to you all!