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Mar 14 2014

Happy Pi Day!

I’m celebrating Pi Day with this lolcat: How are you celebrating this day devoted to the best-ever irrational, transcendental number?  

Mar 14 2013

An Amazing Truth for Pi Day

Shamelessly filched from Epic LOL.

It’s 3-14. That means I get to share math humor with you. Criminy, I’m hungry all of a sudden…

Jul 06 2012

A Reward for Your Patience

Mount St. Helens from Johnston Ridge, September 2011

Sorry, my darlings. It’s apparently a holiday week: I’m disorganized as hell and keep getting distracted by shiny things when I should be writing. I’ve nearly got everything together for our next Prelude to a Catastrophe installment. Unless a squirrel happens, I should be writing it tomorrow night. We will not discuss the post WordPress …

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May 26 2011

Mathematical Memories

There’s this post, you see, up at a new blog called Hyperbolic Guitars, that’s dredged up some old memories: We should have, as a goal, to never hear the question “why are we learning this?” again.  No one asks why we learn to read.  The same should be true for basic mathematics.  Once students go …

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Mar 14 2011


Pi Sculpture, Temporary Installation, Downtown Seattle It’s Pi Day!  It’s a perfect opportunity to have fun with numbers.  In the spirit of things, here’s a clip from Doctor Who on mathematics.  Watch it, it’s awesome! Happy Pi Day, everyone!

May 29 2008

I Was a Victim of New Math

Efrique has two posts up that I’m certain are a tour de force of mathematics. I deduce they are not because I understand the math, but because I know that Efrique is a genius and his logic in other areas has never failed me. I don’t understand the math because of this: Back when I …

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