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Aug 22 2011

Los Links 8/19

I’ve spent the better part of a week traveling, seeing incredible things, and fighting hotel wi-fi. Now Aunty Flow’s here, I’m virtually comatose, and the cat wants all the cuddles she missed. That’s why your links are late. They still contain some damned awesome stuff, so as long as you’re not engaged in a week …

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Aug 15 2011

Los Links 8/12

It’s been a rather bizarre week, and I was left with far too much reading undone. Got a few nice things for ye, at least, enough to keep you good and unproductive on a Monday. Enjoy! London Riots Mind Hacks: Riot psychology and When explaining becomes a sin. The Atlantic Wire: It’s a Pattern: London …

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Aug 08 2011

Los Links 8/5

Right. So. It’s been a busy week: travel, work, sorting travel photos, recovering from travel, and then wonderful friends from long ago coming for a visit. That means Los Links is a bit thinner on the ground than usual, and once again no capsule descriptions. I know I’ve missed a ton of excellent stuff. But …

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Aug 01 2011

Los Links 7/29

I’m arse-kickingly busy, what with the research, preparing for trip, and taking trip, so no pithy sentences this week, I’m afraid. Titles will have to do. Didn’t want to deprive you of your premium linkage! Norway Tragedy IndieObserver.com: Before and After Terrorist IDed: Fox News Commenters Weigh In on Norway Balloon Juice: Give me all …

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Jul 25 2011

Los Links 7/22

Okay, we’re a bit late. Look, a lot happened. Work was busy, so I got behind in my reading. Then Google+ went all assclown over ‘nyms, a right-wing Christian terrorist bombed Oslo and shot up kids, which distracted me from my linkage duties.  And, just to top it all off, my darling Aunty Flow showed …

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Jul 18 2011

Los Links 7/15

Another week in which there’s just too much good stuff.  This is because the people I follow on Twitter rule the universe.  They’ve got great taste! Elevatorgate continues apace.  Some of you are probably sick of hearing about it by now, but the first link explains why it matters. Greta Christina’s Blog: Why We Have …

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Jul 10 2011

Los Links 7/8

As far as clever intros this time, all I can say is “Meh.”  Sure, we had the Scandal o’ the Week, but I’ve already expounded on that here.   The other big event that I paid attention to was, of course, the Fourth of July, and that was only because I wanted to go out …

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Jul 04 2011

Los Links 7/1

You know what, unless you lot prefer it a different day, I think I shall just officially move Los Links to Monday.  It’s just easier that way.  I’ll still be dating it for Friday, because that’s when I stop collecting. Anyway.  Best news o’ the week was New York approving same-sex marriage.  FINALLY another state …

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Jun 27 2011

Los Links 6/24

Late again, I’m afraid.  Story of my life.  But you didn’t think I was going to deprive you of your delicious linkage, did you? Either I wasn’t paying attention, or I was distracted, but I didn’t notice any enormous controversies this past week.  Oh, there were dust-ups and flare-ups and there’s always something stupid trending …

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Jun 20 2011

Los Links 6/17

Our streak is broken.  Better late and all that.  Especially since there’s quite a bit of yummy stuff here for ye. Our weekly dustup was finding out that a Gay Girl in Damascus was actually a middle-aged white male with delusions of importance.  I figure the following link is very much worth highlighting: The Rumpus: …

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