Traveling Today – Have Some Links to Other People’s Work

B and I are off to Mount Baker, because summer is short and it’s hot. But not hot on top of Mount Baker. Which is the point. And I’d have stuff of substance for you, only I’ve be doing the deep-dive cleaning and organizing in order to turn the house into a place where I can work full-time. This is complicated, and involves a lot of standing around staring at piles in despair, and going to the store for Yet Another Necessary Thing, and hunting round places for inexpensive yet useful compact storage stuff, and then attempting to store stuff in it. And then it’s back to the store because you forgot the labels to label the storage stuff so you know where stored stuff is…

Then a day off for throwing apples for cats, and watching MMA and kickboxing, and planning for said trip up to Mount Baker. Which you will love.

While I’m gone, here are a few of the blog posts I’ve been meaning to highlight for half of forever. Enjoy! And when I return, thee shall have brand-new pictures of Mount Baker to treasure. [Read more…]

Link Love, Plus Lovely Photos

The sun came out in patches today, so I saddled up the camera and headed out to that lovely spot along North Creek I found a few weeks back. Spent many hours there, and I seriously have four hundred photos to go through. You’re going to have some awesome stuff, including an educational video on the feeding behaviors of sparrows, when I’m finished.

Of course, this means that instead of writing a substantial post, I’m watching Inspector Lewis and editing photos. Good thing other folks have been writing substantial posts. We’ve certainly got enough to keep everyone out of trouble for a few hours. [Read more…]

Los Links: I Laughed, I Cried, They Became a Part of Me

Some of you will remember Los Links from back in the day when I could spend two days out of every week reading blogs, and then share the linky goodness with you. Life’s been too busy for a while for that, unfortunately. It should have been too busy tonight, but my brain said, “You know what? Fuck you. I’ve been thinking all day.” War at work, y’see: fighting to make things the best they can possibly be at an American megacorporation. It’s fun, and fulfilling, but taxing.

Thankfully, I had posts written (longhand) in advance, but my wrists said, “You know what? Fuck you. We’ve been typing most of the day.” So today ended with me lying about catching up on some freethought reading. If this continues tomorrow, I can bring you a roundup of recent geology posts. I suppose that won’t be so bad, now, will it? And then, on Wednesday, you will be guaranteed an original post of near-epic proportions, because we’re going to talk about why Mount St. Helens melted some bits but not all the bits on the cars. If we’re very fortunate, we’ll end up on Boing Boing again (thank you, Maggie Koerth-Baker!). I say we, because I wouldn’t have written up cars if it hadn’t been for you lot liking things like that, and as it turns out, you’re not the only ones. So, thank you, my darlings!

It’s not all happy fun times, alas. The thing with frequenting the freethought and skeptic blogs that I do is that Things That Are Not Happy get discussed, and if it weren’t for the bloggers and commenters restoring my hope for humanity, I’d have crawled off to a cave and become an official misanthrope by now. Between all of you, though, I am not willing to declare the vast majority of human kind irredeemable arseholes. Only a subset of it. Sigh.

There will be a humorous intermission, and loving comfort at the end. Stay with me. [Read more…]

Los Links 12/23, Part I

You know, I meant to use the holiday to catch up on stuff. The best laid plans oft gang aft agley, as Burns put it.  But Los Links you expect, and Los Links you shall have, even though I’m going to have to break it into parts. Between family, friends, Castle, and the Muse – who showed up after a few weeks’ absence bubbling over with ideas – I’ve not had time to compile them all.

I think this’ll do for a start.

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Los Links 12/16

You may scream when you go down below. Los Links looks enormous, and it is. But there are a few things you should bear in mind:

1. It is a convenient excuse. No, you can’t go shopping / entertain the annoying houseguest / perform X unpleasant task, because you have to read all the links. Ever so sorry. It’s all Dana’s fault.

2. The Geophotomeme posts are, for the most part, extremely short.

3. You don’t have to read all of the links (despite what you’ve told people you’re trying to avoid). Just, y’know, most of them.

I’ll just leave you to get on with it, then.

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Los Links 12/9

I promise you, Los Links will soon move back to Monday where it belongs. Time keeps getting away from me. Things happening, y’know. And then there’s the fact so many people are writing so much interesting stuff, and reading takes time, and argh.

Lots and lots of links this week. Far more than it seemed like it would be. Hopefully you’ll find one or two that interests you. Enjoy!

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Los Links 12/2

Okay, yes, I know, this is extremely late, and I’m sorry. I truly am. But during the time I was supposed to be compiling Los Links, my Muse decided it was time for us to have some, ah, special moments. And who am I to refuse her?

So we nearly filled a notebook, just about killed a pen, and my hands are busy informing me today that writer’s cramp is a very real thing, and they have got it. I’m behind on everything. I missed Geology Office Hours. I didn’t get to watch Doctor Who. But I’m not bloody complaining, because the work we did serves two novellas and the novel, I’m starting to see how the pieces fit, and it’s bloody exciting is what it is.

And I chased her off with a stick this afternoon so I could get Los Links done for you. I’d like to thank Rebecca Watson, Greta Christina, and PZ Myers for their Skepticon IV talks, which I’ve been listening to in the sunshine all afternoon whilst I copy and paste shit. Granted, it means copying and pasting shit took a lot longer than it should have because I kept breaking off to watch bits, but it was fun and informative and I wouldn’t trade it for anything except several million dollars, because then I could quit my job, actually keep up on writing AND the blog AND watch their talks anyway.

Where were we? Oh, right, you wanted links. Here they are, then:

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Los Links 11/18

Okay, yes, I’m late. I usually post around midnight, and here it is, 4 in the ay-em. Blame the 6-day work week.

As far as why there’s so many links, you can blame the people writing interesting things.

And I know what the writers and writer watchers will say: “But, Dana, aren’t you supposed to be doing NaNo?” And the answer is yes, in a sorta-kinda-halfarsed way, yes, I am doing NaNo. But. Aunty Flow was here this week. I neverever write fiction when Aunty Flow’s around. And I’d just done a 7,000-word weekend. So I gave my wrists (most of) the week off. (And I’d just like to give a hearty thanks to the nurse practitioner at our company clinic, who gave me a miracle drug called Back Quell, which turns out to have done a bang-up job quelling the monthly misery as well.)

With that digression digressed, I give you, at long last, Los Links. Enjoy!

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Los Links 11/11

This week seemed to last 10,000 years. Enormous amount of stuff going on: earthquakes, child-rape enablers getting fired, women fighting back against misogynistic assholes, anti-vax freaks sending infectious agents through the mail, Occupy Wall Street ongoing…. And, of course, this incredibly busy week is the one in which our server upgrade went horribly awry. Not to mention trying to do a fair bit of writing.

Fortunately for those who love the links, there was actually a bit of time to read in between calls at work at times. And if we’re very, very lucky, our long-suffering in-house tech has managed to put out most of the fires, so this post will actually stay up long enough for you to enjoy said linkage. If this one goes away whilst my back is turned, let me know via Twitter, Facebook or G+. I’ve got it backed up to Blogger in case we have to seek an alternative. I will not deprive you of your linkfest. Not during the last long week before Thanksgiving!

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