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Feb 19 2014

Oh, Sochi, No!

Good job, Russia. Arresting the first openly trans* legislator in Europe for waving a “Gay is OK” flag is fantastic PR. I’m sure all the people in the world who love to persecute LGBTQ people are salivating over you right now. Those of us who are actually decent human beings, on the other hand, aren’t …

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Jan 14 2014

No. I Won’t Give Churchgoers Cookies For Doing the Minimally Decent Thing.

Image is an irritated dark gray cat, with the caption "No cookie for you."

A friend pointed me toward this story by telling me a Methodist church got a new pastor, who promptly ran the gay choir director out, and guess how many in the congregation left the church over it? I knew what she was fishing for. She wanted me to feel the warm fuzzies that a bunch …

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Jul 01 2013

Ding Dong the Wicked DOMA’s Dead!

Marriage = Love. Image courtesy Fibonacci Blue via Flickr.

Now seems like a good time to let my LGBTQ friends know that they can call upon me should they need a writer’s services in crafting wedding-related stationery items. Despite the fact that our Supreme Court is full of conservative shitheels like Scalia who like to stomp all over important rights, most of DOMA is …

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Jul 03 2012

On Tides, Visibility, and Quiet Revolutionary Acts

Moi and Ryan in downtown Seattle, with Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains behind us. Image courtesy Robert.

There was a time, back when I first began seriously aiming at a life as an author, that I thought I’d have to select a pseudonym. Well, I knew I’d have to – writing under my birth name would lead to far too much potential violence, and it is never good PR for a writer …

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May 04 2012

Correct an Injustice

CeCe McDonald didn’t ask to be attacked, but she was. Some vicious assholes decided a transsexual woman of color was fair game for abuse. They assaulted her, they harmed her, and chased her down when she tried to flee. She had a pair of scissors in her purse. She took them out to ward off …

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Aug 14 2011

Blaming the Victims (Yet Again)

This sickens me so much I’m at a loss for words: Fifteen year-old Larry King (no relation to the CNN interviewer) was shot twice in the back of the head by his classmate Brandon McInerney while sitting in school in Oxnard, California. Now that McInerney is on trial, the boy’s legal team and the school …

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Jul 25 2011

Equality is Beautiful

New York State is celebrating marriage equality, and it’s beautiful. Niagara Falls by @LanceBass Governor Cuomo wholeheartedly declared July 24 as a day to commemorate marriage equality, which gives us even more to celebrate aside from the marriages of a lot of very happy couples.  If you really want your heart warmed, click here to …

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Mar 06 2011

The Limits of Tolerance

Johann Hari asks a very good question: “Can we talk about Muslim homophobia now? (h/t)” Here’s a few portents from the East End that we have chosen to ignore. In May 2008, a 15 year old Muslim girl tells her teacher she thinks she might be gay, and the Muslim teacher in a state-funded comprehensive …

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Aug 05 2010


Thank you, Judge Walker!

May 27 2009

Prop 8: It’s Only a Setback

You’ve probably already seen the news: California’s Supreme Court upheld Prop 8. They’ve tossed the ball back to our side of the court, practically begging us to score: The court’s majority concluded “that if there is to be a change to the state constitutional rule embodied in that measure, it must ‘find its expression at …

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