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Dec 28 2010

The Quote Detective

I love language, and what can be done with a well-turned phrase: metaphor, simile, analogy, a quip and a quote.  I love how language can evoke and expand.  And when something so good comes along that people feel compelled to pass it along, I love finding out where it came from. That’s not always easy …

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Mar 23 2009

Webster’s Dictionary? That Damned Liberal Rag!

Page Bernard Goldberg! Evidence the dictionary’s “written by some liberal person!” They’re changing the definition of marriage – civilization will end! Conservatives have their tidy whiteys all twisted because (ZOMG) the nation’s most popular dictionary updated the definition of marriage. Guess what, language gets updated all the time, that’s why there are new editions of …

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May 31 2008

Friends, Americans, countrymen, lend me your dictionaries!

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Nicole Palmby. You killed grammar. Prepare to die. Okay, not really. But I needed some sort of introduction for my first post as sub-blogger of Dana’s Wonderful World of Snark. I am Nicole Palmby. And while you may not have killed grammar, it certainly is on its deathbed, …

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May 16 2008

Pride (in the Name of Bastard)

I’ve been waiting for this: Anyway – if elitists are to unite proudly, why must they agree to be referred to as ‘bastards’? It is not their right to _choose_ to be called bastards. It is a judgemental if somewhat anachronistic slur on their mothers and possibly fathers. Could the carnival not be called just …

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Apr 02 2008

Fuck: An Ode to the Most Versatile Word

Fuck is one of my most favoritest words. I’ve adored it for decades. It’s been the chile in my relleno, the heavy in my emphasis, and a balm to me in my times of troubles. One of the best services to humanity I’ve ever performed is teaching my best friend its proper use and appreciation. …

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Mar 31 2008

(Un)Civil Discourse

I’m hamstrung. It doesn’t help that I took the knife to my own tendons in accepting Canadian Cynic’s “The CC ‘Canadian Dumbfuck Wanker Challenge.’” Yes, I know I’m not Canadian, and thus could have thrust my nose high in the air and proclaimed, “Well, I’m an American, so that doesn’t apply to me.” I’m a …

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Mar 28 2008


Just so we’re clear: I’m one of those pathetic Americans who speaks a few words of español, a smattering more français, and for seasoning can add a greeting or two in Japanese, German, Russian, and sundry other languages. But I’m sadly unilingual. So why all the Spanish? Why not just celebrate my native tongue, unadulterated …

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