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Apr 08 2009

PWN o’ the Day

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I love Ron Britton: [IDiot writer] Westad started out as a science major at a Christian college. [Ron] Then he wasn’t a science major. Shazam! Ron annihilates an entire column entitled, I shit you not, “Intelligent Design for Dummies.” As you can see, it was indeed for dummies. …

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Mar 19 2009

Of Weasels and Wankers

I’m currently reading Richard Dawkins’s The Blind Watchmaker (which is a book guaranteed to make creationists sob). By computer standards, the book is ancient – the computer he wrote it on had a memory measured in kilobytes. Nowadays, of course, that’s laughable. But he still managed to get that wee little machine to sit up …

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Mar 01 2009

The Presuppositionalists

Science Sunday continues… Two posts, one on The Panda’s Thumb and one on Thoughts in a Haystack, explain brilliantly why creationists stubbornly stick to their pseudo-science in the face endless evidence debunking them mercilessly. First, honored patron of the cantina Richard B. Hoppe gives us this fantastic analogy: Once in a while an analogy comes …

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Feb 19 2009

Absolutely Perfect.

Go. Behold photograph and caption. Do it now. Just make sure you’ve swallowed whatever you’re drinking first. Do you see now why I want to put this up on a billboard outside DIsco’s HQ?

Feb 16 2009

Luskin Does Lucy

It’s too bad I didn’t visit Lucy’s Legacy on the same day Casey Luskin did. Watching an IDiot ponder transitional fossils is almost as entertaining as watching Cons try to employ clever rhetoric. It’s even more enjoyable when people who know what the fuck they’re talking about get their hands on his burble and take …

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Feb 01 2009

AC Grayling’s Not to be Trifled With

First, the setup: AC Grayling, writing brilliantly in New Humanist, took Steve Fuller to the woodshed over his obnoxious little book Dissent over Descent. You know someone’s not impressed with your efforts to give ID a little boost when they entitle their review of your book “Origin of the specious.” Fuller, of course, responded by …

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Jul 12 2008

John Derbyshire Rides Again

Science and science education have a few friends on the right. Not every conservative is a demented fuckwit pandering to religious frothers, or a willfully deluded ostrich burying their head in the sand of Intelligent Design. Some, in fact, actually respect science, and don’t like to see religious dogma masquerading as “scientific theory” mucking it …

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May 22 2008

The Washington Post Attempts to Make Up for Kathleen Parker

A few days after letting Kathleen Parker drool homophobic bullshit all over their editorial page, the Washington Post attempts to redeem the place with an exposé of what Academic Freedom Bills are really all about: What’s insidious about these measures is that at first blush they appear so harmless. Isn’t everyone in favor of academic …

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May 22 2008

We Were Wrong About Expelled

It’s soooo not about the evils of evolution: Lots of people have reviewed Expelled. To some the movie has served to confirm their persecution complexes; to others the movie has demonstrated the utter dishonesty of the anti-evolution movement. But here comes Thomas Robb, national director of the KKK (and a Baptist minister), with a thoroughly …

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May 09 2008

Catching Up with Expelled

It’s been a long time since Expelled hit the theaters and failed spectacularly to deal a death-blow to evolution. It didn’t give unstoppable momentum to various Academic Freedom bills. It didn’t topple Michael Moore’s documentary throne. Rather than further its agenda, it managed to make itself a laughing-stock amongst all but the most deluded of …

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