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Sep 15 2008

Hope, Humor and Harmony

Today, Seattle was bright and sunny, but I felt like crawling into bed with the covers over my head for a good long snivel. It was all I could do to make it through work. This country is falling apart. The banking industry is collapsing. Bush is determined to scorch the earth as he retreats. …

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Aug 16 2008

Bet You Never Thought of Mathematics as Emotional Before

Efrique, whose couch I may someday temporarily have to beg as it’s located far away from McCain, has a glorious post up exploring the emotions elicited by mathematics. Before I got older and wiser, I used to see mathematicians as cold, passionless logic machines. I couldn’t conceive of an emotional connection to all of those …

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Aug 04 2008


I’ll be writing on this in a bit. But right now, I think you should go have a gander at Detroitus’ blog Iconoclasts Anonymous. He’s got a simple question that just set my mind on fire. I like the warmth.

Jul 20 2008

Oceans of Inspiration

Every writer has something that opens every floodgate and releases images and words in torrents. A song, a drink, an exercise, a person. For me, it’s movies. Certain movies become anthems. They scour me down to essentials: I become an instrument, nothing more than the story that’s unfolding inside me, spilling from my fingers faster …

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