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Dec 06 2010

I Need a Geology Degree

Then I can hang this on my door: (Tip o’ the shot glass to Chris Rowan)

Sep 07 2010

Save Yourselves from the Evil Garden Gnomes

How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack is now available (h/t).  Arm yourselves with the definitive guide to defeating the little buggers.  Get them before they get you! Do not wait for the paperback.  By then, it may be too late!

Aug 31 2010

When Bad Writing Is Good

Brian Switek pointed us at a site today that actually managed to make me laugh despite a certain monthly recurrent condition that makes me hate life, my uterus and everything.  That’s no small feat.  Anyone who reads or writes will appreciate How to Write Badly Well.  Only a great writer can write so badly so …

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Jul 10 2009

Hot Potato

Sometimes, the essential truth of a situation can be succinctly summed up using satire, parody, and other forms of humor easily comprehended by the left and completely lost on the right: Late Night: Baked Potato Frontrunner for 2012 GOP Nomination; Liberals Vow to Destroy Potato, MSM Reaches for Sour Cream, Chives It’s so accurate it’s …

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Jul 08 2009

“Keeping the Rich, White Christian Man Down…”

And you know that with a title like that, you must absolutely read the rest. En Tequila Es Verdad is not responsible for any mishaps that may occur should you click and begin reading with your mouth full. (Tip o’ the shot glass to Mike’s Blog Roundup.)

Jul 04 2009

For the Three People Who Haven’t Seen Homeopathic A&E

Here ye go: If you click the link, you’ll even find out what A&E means. You’re welcome.

May 28 2009

Best LOL Evah

This LOL combines two of my great loves, and is therefore the best ever from my POV: Genius.

May 22 2009

Obama Announces The Ultimate Marvel Team-Up

There’s been a lot of pants-pissing Con hysteria over the impending closure of Guantanamo. We liberals have been quick to dismiss their concerns, but we may have been a little over-hasty. A closer reading of history proves there’s good cause for concern: Today, Glenn Greenwald makes a completely incorrect assertion: Take note, Chris Cillizza and …

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May 07 2009

Proposals That Read Like a Joke

Looks like the Cons have gotten hold of spray paint and stencils again: Saying something isn’t so doesn’t change reality. And it can be dangerous to delicate electronics equipment: Windows users are being warned not to input Republican policy proposals into their computers until the software company issues an urgent patch later this month. Apparently, …

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May 06 2009

Truth in Photoshopping

Steve C presents RNC Clown College: I don’t believe I’ve ever seen John Boehner et al more realistically portrayed.

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