Taking the Night (Mostly) Off

Sunday Sensational Science is on hiatus this week. Most other blogging is also on hiatus for tonight. I’m stuffing my brain with fiction until it overflows. Sorry, my darlings, but it must be done.

In the meantime, check out this awesome upset at the Kentucky Derby:

Fantastic. That’s why I love horse racing.

We’ll resume our regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow.

We Shall Soon Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Blogging

I just realized it’s Sunday. We’re supposed to have Sensational Science. But to give you an idea of how far my brain has shut down, I forgot what the time difference is between Washington and North Carolina, thus leaving my best friend twiddling his thumbs for an hour while I scampered here, there and everywhere looking for those 1,001 items that you didn’t know you needed until you moved into a new place. Every weekend for nearly two decades I’ve been calling this man, and yet I forget what time it is. Gah.

I’ve been trying to scan the political news, and can only get through a few sentences before my brain tries to crawl into a corner and die. Trying to unpack over 30 boxes of books on top of the usual household implements will do that to you.

In better news, thanks to the kindness of a strong friend, I do have a new microwave. You don’t realize how much you rely on those damned things until you haven’t got one.

Things will return to normal shortly. In the meantime, don’t forget to check in at Z’s place later for COTEB XI.

Movin’ Day

Thank you, Ron Britton, for finding the Lolcat that sums it up so superbly:

It applies more to my soon-to-be-former roommate’s poor boyfriend. I gave up cheap for convenient long ago. He wanted to, but ended up like the poor cat above.

Still. I should’ve hired someone to pack the damned books.

Posting is likely to be light-to-non-existent today, depending on when the Comcast guy gets me hooked up, and how well the move goes. Please accept my profound apologies for not having something set up in advance, and consider this your opportunity to write something brilliant for the next Carnival of the Elitist Bastards, which will be sailing from Captain Z’s place this weekend.

See you all from my new location.

Housekeeping Note – No Sunday Science Today

My computer caught a nasty virus, which I’ve spent the vast majority of tonight chasing down and destroying. On top of this, Aunty Flow came for a visit. This has pretty much ruined the few hours I need to put Sunday Sensational Science together.

But no worries. Neon Vincent at Daily Kos has you covered. You want science – he’s got science!

He’s even made you a Pi pie. Enjoy!

Suzy Homemaker Update: It Won the Popular Vote…

…but lost the electoral. That gorgeous tobacco loveseat the vast majority of you liked so much would’ve won, but Fred Meyer had this on sale for $250:

Plus matching rocking recliner for $230. And this photo doesn’t do it justice – it’s a damned attractive loveseat. It’s also dead comfortable. We got friendly, one thing led to another, and it’s currently in a friend’s garage awaiting its new home.

Granted, it’s not as fancy as the other one, which was an awesome sweet design. But I took a look at the fabric up close, and, well – it’s that shiny, weird-feeling sort of microfiber that looks great for about six months and then totally goes to shit. This cherry isn’t. It’s made of the kind of microfiber that will endure years of abuse. And did I mention comfortable? And the fact I got both it and its recliner for a hundred bucks less than I would’ve paid for the other loveseat alone? Well, it was worth mentioning again.

Your votes did count. Without them, I never would’ve considered a dark brown loveseat. Thank you all very, very much for your input. I wish I could reward you with drinks. Instead, I’ll have to reward you with pics of the awesome decor you’ll enjoy should your travels ever take you to Seattle, and you decide to drop in at Dana’s casa for an evening.

You guys rock even more than that new recliner of mine…

And now, back to Science Sunday.

I’m In Suzy Homemaker Mode. You All Get to Suffer.

No consensus has formed around my first choice in loveseat. That being so, I have quested further afield, and discovered a few interesting possibilities. Once again, your opinions are desired.

I love this one for the style and the fact that it’s made by Simmons (screams comfort, doncha know), but being a smoker, I especially love that they’re calling this color “tobacco:”

Isn’t that sweet?

There’s also the temptation of a good recliner instead, though. This one is super-cheap and looks super-comfy.

For comparison’s sake, I’ll put up yesterday’s find, and you lot can battle it out. If you were dropping by Dana’s house for a little light Con-bashing, followed by a movie, which seat would you pick?

Bear in mind there can be only one. My soon-to-be new place is slightly smaller than my budget.

Thanks for your input, my darlings.

I Haven’t Forgotten You (With a Bit o’ Science on Top)

Several of you have emailed me lately, and are probably noticing by now a rather thunderous silence.

This is because I’m being a lazy git.

When I jump online in the evening, I read my email, and think, “I really need to reply to these. But first, must feed blog.”

After a couple of hours spelunking the blogosphere and putting together your daily dose of discourse, the siren song of the books I’ve been reading becomes too loud to ignore, and I scramble offline. About a half hour later, without fail, I think, “D’oh, shit” as it occurs to me that I did not, once again, reply to a single damned email. And by that time, I’m too warm, cozy, and deep in a good book to feel like extracting myself to fire up the computer once more.

And so I beg your patience and indulgence. I’ll be catching up on the backlog come Friday at the latest.

Incidentally, if anyone has an opinion on E=MC2: A Biography of the World’s Most Famous Equation, I’d be interested to hear it. It was one of the most enjoyable books I’ve read in a good long while, but there were times when the science seemed a little questionable. Typos so obvious that even a scientific novice like me could spot them didn’t help. This review here parallels my thoughts pretty closely, which might mean I’m not as much of a scientific ignoramus as I like to think.

Still, I feel I learned a great deal, especially about women in the hard sciences that I’d never known existed. And the idea of doing biographies of equations is frankly awesome. More of that, please.

I Get to Go Watch Things Blow Up

There is life after NaNo.

Before I immerse myself once again in the world o’ writing, I’m taking some deserved time off. I’ve jumped offline for a good portion of today to read Terry Pratchett’s Making Money. This was written in 2007, but so far it seems like an up-to-the-minute analysis of our very own financial crisis. That is why Terry Pratchett is made of awesome.

Well, he’s hysterically funny, too. There’s that.

Tomorrow, I’ll be spending my afternoon watching the newish James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace. Happy Hour, therefore, will probably be late.

This is all merely an interlude. Since I managed to pull off a full book in one month whilst keeping on top of the blog and the day job, I have no excuse for not writing. Well, aside from the fact that when my roommate’s around, my Muse vacates the premises- they don’t like each other much. It’s a good thing the roomie’s a flight attendant, or I’d never see my Muse again. Let’s rephrase and say there’s no good excuse. That being so, I plan to enjoy this weekend to the hilt, because after that the free time ends.

My brain is already weeping…

On a different note, for those of you who like recipes, I whipped together a little something you might enjoy that’s super-simple to boot:

1-2 pork sirloin chops, thinly sliced
1 package frozen stir-fry veggies
several cloves garlic, chopped
1 cup white wine
dash o’ olive oil

Get the veggies simmering in a frying pan with about half the wine and the dash o’ olive oil. After they’ve mostly thawed, add the pork and the rest of the wine. Stir in the garlic after the pork’s mostly cooked. Enjoy over rice. It’s soooo yummy, and it takes about half an hour to make. If you want teriyaki instead, you can just swirl some teriyaki sauce in. How awesome is that?

I’ve just made myself hungry again….