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Jan 21 2009

President Obama: “This Is the Journey We Continue Today”

Ladies and gentlemen, the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama: Photo courtesy New York Times I’ve been struggling all day with some strange sensations. They’ve been hard to identify, it’s been so long since I felt them in connection with a president. There’s a sense of something eager, as if tomorrow is going …

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Jan 19 2009

One More Night

Nightwish best expresses my sentiments tonight: One more night to bear this nightmare.What more do I have to say? Ocean Soul – Nightwish You know what nightmare I’m talking about. Let no locked doors thwart George W. Bush as he gets the hell out of our White House. In fact, let’s make sure there’s doorkeepers …

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Jan 19 2009

Dream Come True

Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January 19th, 2009 Dr. King, Tomorrow, America swears in its first African-American president. He is the fruit of your labor, the fulfillment of your dream. Because of your work, your passion, and your determination, he was judged not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his …

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Dec 27 2008

Bugger This. I Want A Better World.

Just past the winter solstice, on the cusp of a New Year, my thoughts inevitably begin to play the retrospection game. I hate it. All of those end-of-year “Best of/Worst of” lists drive me crazy, my New Year’s resolutions are always the same, and it’s not like things magically change on January 1st. Every year …

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Dec 19 2008

Despite Warren, Obama’s Still On Track

All right. So his taste in pastors* is teh suck, but you have to admit, his taste in Secretaries of Labor is fantastic: President-elect Barack Obama has reportedly completed his Cabinet with the selection of Rep. Hilda Solis (D-CA) as Secretary of Labor. Solis, a five-term representative from East Los Angeles, is a progressive leader …

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Dec 16 2008

Science Returns to Washington

I do believe science has finally found a friend: It’s been pointed out dozens of times that it’s pretty cool to have an adult coming in as president, and today’s Obama press conference — now underway — is a case in point. At the presser, Obama made his “green team” official: Steven Chu, a physics …

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Dec 11 2008

No Fucking Comparison

President-Elect Obama once again reduces me to tears of joy: President-elect Barack Obama’s reported selection of Dr. Steven Chu as Secretary of Energy is a bold stroke to set the nation on the path to a clean energy economy. Chu, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist, is the sixth director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a …

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Dec 09 2008

This Is Why I Should Read Slobber and Spittle More Often

Cujo359 gets interesting email: As a member of so many political e-mail lists, I occasionally receive an interesting one. Such a message arrived in my inbox yesterday. It’s purportedly a memo sent by John Podesta, the Obama transition team’s co-chair, about transparency during the transition process. It reads like a policy memo, so presumably that’s …

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Dec 04 2008

A Study in Contrasts

I’ve not been yammering endlessly about Obama lately, but it’s not because I’m disillusioned or indifferent. It’s more due to the fact that a) there are so many stupid Cons begging for a smackin’ and b) I’m a little wary of turning this blog into an endless stream of praise. I have so few quibbles …

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Dec 03 2008

Psst… Hey, Cons. We’re Coming For You

I think America started a little something. First, we have Canada’s left flexing its muscles and getting ready to pop Stephen Harper in the face. Even Stéphane Dion, whom I’d heard had all the vim and vigor of a piece of wet paper, is breathing some fire. And they’re not the only ones: In England …

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