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Jan 25 2009

Remembering What I Loved

Socializing IRL was rather a bit of a shock. I live one of those semi-hermetic lives in which I’m perfectly happy home alone, but even hermits need to kick up their heels every once in a while. Won’t be at the Rodeo Steakhouse again, though. Who the fuck makes a margarita with Jack Daniels? And …

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Jan 19 2009

Dream Come True

Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January 19th, 2009 Dr. King, Tomorrow, America swears in its first African-American president. He is the fruit of your labor, the fulfillment of your dream. Because of your work, your passion, and your determination, he was judged not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his …

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Dec 29 2008

Prop 8: Bet You Didn’t Realize There’s a Lesson to be Learned from the Romans

EmperorHadrian at Daily Kos has a wicked cool diary up exploring how the tyranny of the majority ends up affecting democracy: We might be prone to be sympathetic to the Roman assemblies, and certainly its members were not nearly as powerful as the senators. The problem, however, is that democracies then as now can be …

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Nov 06 2008

This Cartoon Says It All

Ratified, indeed. Fair takes my breath away, that does.(Tip o’ the shotglass to Slobber and Spittle. I didn’t mean to get tears in your tequila, Cujo darling, but it was unavoidable. I have never felt more proud to be an American. We’re once again starting to live up to our ideals and shine a beacon …

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Sep 26 2008

Condemned to Repeat

EX PRAETERITO PRAESENS PRVDENTER AGIT NI FUTUR- ACTIONE DETVRPET History became a living thing in Roz Ashby’s and Ken Meier’s hands. On the first day of Western Civilization I, they handed out a quote and asked us to date it. It was a typical “kids these days” rant, full of complaints about their manners, their …

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