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Apr 11 2009

Bring Me Government-Run Health Care

And remind me never to buy anything at Zales, ever: In the coming debates over health care, when your Uncle Bob pulls out the old conservative trope asking, “would you really want government bureaucrats to be in charge of your health care?” give him this article: Five months ago, Rose Camilleri was a superstar at …

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Feb 28 2009

Another Noxious Bush Reg Bites the Dust

A few months ago, I alerted you to Bush’s little scheme to allow healthcare providers to redefine birth control as abortion and then refuse to provide the service. At the time, I gave you what I considered wise advice: We can’t rely on Obama’s ability to roll these rules back. Better for the country if …

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Feb 03 2009

Thinking Brain Dog

Those of you reading from the most recent post on down should probably reference this first. Now that you understand the state of Dana’s brain, you’ll understand why she needs a Thinking Brain dog. Thankfully, that service is ably provided by Cujo359, who takes a closer look at Daschle and points out why tax mishaps …

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Dec 26 2008

Horror of Horrors: Socialized Medicine

To hear the Cons tell it, universal healthcare will be the End of Everything. Of course, for them, it seems that anything which benefits a broad swath of humanity is a Terrible Evil that Must Be Fought. So a story like this must truly strike terror into their shriveled little hearts: [Our son] was first …

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