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Sep 09 2010

A Shout-Out to Evergreen and Union-Negotiated Health Insurance

Wednesday was fun.  About half an hour into my shift, the mild discomfort I’d been feeling announced itself as a full-blown kidney stone.  I’m prone to the bastards, and apparently the one that had announced its existence a few months ago didn’t so much pass as await a better opportunity.  Anyone who’s had these before …

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Jul 27 2009

Health Care in America: “They Were Being Treated In Animal Stalls”

I applaud Stan Brock and Remote Area Medical for bringing health care to those who can’t afford it. I’m appalled a program originally intended for isolated populations in third-world areas is necessary in America: President Obama, I hope you’ll go see this for yourself – and drag the inhumane Blue Dogs along with you: AMY …

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Jul 26 2009

Hunter’s Health Care Letter – Plus the Long-Awaited Con 10-Point Plan!

Hunter at Daily Kos writes a heart-felt letter to President Obama, begging him not to “fix” a perfectly good system: Dear Mr. President: I am writing you today because I am outraged at the notion of involving government in healthcare decisions like they do in other countries. I believe healthcare decisions should be between myself …

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Jul 25 2009

The Next Time Some Dumbshit Scaremongers About Canada…

…show them this: Our friends at Sadly, No! take a look at the actual outcomes between the US and Canada. I don’t think it will surprise you to see that the U.S. system doesn’t measure up so well: Circulatory disease deaths per 100,000: Canada: 219 United States: 265 Child maltreatment deaths per 100,000: Canada: 0.7 …

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Jul 08 2009

Spines Developing Among Dems

I don’t know about you, but this comes as an absolute fucking shock to me: Harry Reid’s apparently located his spine somewhere deep in the detritus of his garage, and he’s gingerly trying it on: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has “ordered Finance Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) to drop a proposal to tax health …

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Jul 07 2009

Attention, Women’s Rights Supporters: the Senate Needs a Kickin’

It’s not enough for Dems to be so in love with bipartisanship that they’re trying to neuter healthcare reform for a few pitiful Con votes they don’t even need. Now they’re talking insanity: As Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) prepares to unveil the Senate Finance Committee’s bipartisan health care reform legislation later this week, several blogs …

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Jun 26 2009

But No, Really, Private’s Better than Public!

Because, you know, private insurers take such better care of us than the government ever could! The health insurance industry maximizes their profits by delivering as little care as they can legally get away with, or for that matter, illegally. Health insurers have forced consumers to pay billions of dollars in medical bills that the …

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Jun 24 2009

Our Vulcan President

Ladies and gentlemen, the evidence that Barak Obama is, in fact, a Vulcan, despite his penchant for flashing beaming grins. Exhibit A, which is evident in his every speech and appearance, and thus needs no link: his preternatural calm. Exhibit B: His ability to flash a Vulcan salute. And Exhibit C: His response to inane …

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Jun 23 2009

Dems Start to Ask, “What Fucking Bipartisanship?”

This is good: Something fairly interesting happened today. It doesn’t mean we will get a public health insurance option to compete with the insurance industry, but it doesn’t exactly hurt. Apparently some Democrats thought that if they only watered down such a public option to nothing, they would get that vaunted bipartisan support, and everybody …

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May 12 2009

Hilzoy Cuts to the Heart of CER

You’re going to hear quite a bit of insane frothing blather over “Comparative Effectiveness Research” from Cons. Y’see, they don’t want objective folks making scientific determinations of whether insanely expensive medical treatments, devices and drugs are effective compared to cheaper treatments, etc. That would mean that corporations couldn’t make insane profits, and we can’t have …

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