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Sep 05 2010

Give Me Your Tired, Your Hungry, Your Unappreciated Animals

Because I haz plans for them. Seriously.  Doing up vultures made me realize there’s probably gobs and oodles of blue-collar animals out there who deserve some recognition.  So this winter, we shall be doing a Blue-Collar Animal Tour.  This means we need blue-collar animals. Thanks to Lockwood and Chaos Lee, we’ve got a list started, …

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Aug 22 2010

Ogods, Decisions – Geologists in the Audience, Halp!

It’s that time again – got me bonus, must stimulate the economy.  I already have me music picked out, but ye olde book list is gargantuan.  So what do I do?  Make it bigger! Need moar geology.  So all you geologists and geology-enthusiasts in the audience, this is your chance to influence the composition of …

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