Hospital Tour – What Do You All Want to See?

I’ve got an opportunity to tour Evergreen Hospital’s facilities, this time as a visitor rather than a patient.  So, what tickles your curiosity?  Is there anything about a hospital you didn’t know and were afraid to ask? Any particular departments you’d like to see featured?  Do let me know!

Give Me Your Tired, Your Hungry, Your Unappreciated Animals

Because I haz plans for them.

Seriously.  Doing up vultures made me realize there’s probably gobs and oodles of blue-collar animals out there who deserve some recognition.  So this winter, we shall be doing a Blue-Collar Animal Tour.  This means we need blue-collar animals.

Thanks to Lockwood and Chaos Lee, we’ve got a list started, which includes


But there’ve got to be bajillions more.  So lay ‘em on me.  If it’s ugly, unglamorous, bothersome, noisome, rude, obnoxious, boring, common as muck, or otherwise unwelcome, I want it.  I’ll even take awesome animals if they’re virtually unknown.

Bring them to me, my darlings.

Ogods, Decisions – Geologists in the Audience, Halp!

It’s that time again – got me bonus, must stimulate the economy.  I already have me music picked out, but ye olde book list is gargantuan.  So what do I do?  Make it bigger!

Need moar geology.  So all you geologists and geology-enthusiasts in the audience, this is your chance to influence the composition of my science shelves.  What shall I get?  What tomes on geology can I not do without?

And if you know of good books on the geology of the Mediterranean, now is the time to mention them.  For some reason, those are hard to track down on Amazon.

Non-geologist?  No problem!  Put in your recommendations for books you think I should own.  I’m not looking exclusively for geology, thee knows.

Extra bonus points to the readers who puzzle out this picture.