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Nov 09 2013

El Gran Triunfo

Captain Jackie Sparrow

As I slowly return to a life lived without nasal spray (though not without decongestants, cough syrups, mucous conquerors, and anti-itch drops for eyes that didn’t want to miss out on the Super Viral Fun*), I am finally able to return to the day when we unleashed the fruits of one month’s labor upon the …

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Oct 27 2013

Scenes From the Costuming Life

Misha on the robe.

Only three sewing days until Halloween! I’ve been frantic, but fulfilled, and it seems we’ll have a wizard ready just in time. Gotta few pictures for ye, which doesn’t make up for my absence, but at least gives you a little something. This is Misha’s idea of being a big ol’ help: She loves that …

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Oct 31 2012

9 Billion Hours of Sewing Succeed

Captain TMI and Golden Silence, ready to fight - um, whatever. We actually don't know what our superhero schtick is.

The Information Twins were a definite hit. In fact, we’re thinking of doing it again next year, with some improvements in the costume department. Not being able to stuff poor Captain TMI into his Superman suit in order to do a proper fitting led to some issues, but we made it through. I’ll have more …

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Oct 31 2011

One Jack o’ Lantern to Rule Them All

One gourd to roux them all, two eggs to bind them, one gourd, add sugar and spice, and with some whipped cream pie them.

One of my Facebook friends posted this, and I laughed and laughed and decided I had to share. Caption by George Takei, no idea who carved it:

Oct 24 2011

Prepare For… All Hallows Read [insert scary ghost noises here]

Neil Gaiman’s trying to own Halloween. I intend to help him. This is a tradition I’d very much like to see become as much a part of Halloween as the costumes and candy and strangely-carved pumpkins. The premise is simplicity itself: That’s it: just give someone a scary book. Last year, I gave my intrepid …

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Oct 31 2010

Insert Clever Post Title Here

Sorry.  My darling Aunty Flow finally showed up.  Wetware nonfunctional.  But I couldn’t let Halloween end without posting Brian Switek’s awesome cat-o-lantern: Love it!  Of course, it’s got stiff competition from Silver Fox’s Jack-o-Breccia.  If you haven’t seen Jack yet, you really must go say hi.  Bonus: considering what he’s made of, the neighborhood hooligans …

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Oct 31 2010

Give Someone a Good Scare

So, Neil Gaiman’s started a new Halloween tradition I can definitely get behind: All Hallow’s Read.  Give someone a scary book today. Look, I know it’s already Halloween.  That’s no excuse.  The bookstores are open.  You’ve got five minutes.  Just do it. Now to think up something scary to give.  Romance novel?  Something from the …

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