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May 06 2012

Sunday Song: Gardens

Browns Point Heritage Garden I

Right now, if all has gone according to plan, I should be in a quite beautiful place with one of the most beautiful people I know. And I’ve seen and heard some beautiful things already this week. Got me thinking about gardens, actually. I know I’ve posted a lot of Secret Garden before, but what …

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Jul 05 2009

My Bebbe’s First Fourth

The little girl’s in bloom, and this morning, she also had a perfect little drop of water dangling from one of her leaves. So I figured it was time to assault you with yet more photos of the fuchsias: And that’s all I shall subject you to until they’ve grown up a bit. According to …

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Jul 02 2009

Mah New Bebbes!

I woke up haunted by the memory of the fuchsia plant I’d left behind. Y’see, the Arboretum gift shop was closed when we went yesterday, but they still had the Arboretum-grown plants sitting outside, and there was this Starry Trail fuchsia that gave me the puppy-dog eyes (metaphorically speaking). He was still there when I …

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Apr 11 2009

Another Reason to Plant an Organic Garden

No, it’s not just because Michelle Obama’s doing it, although she makes it look good: Michelle Obama helped with spring planting in the White House garden yesterday, along with some of the WH kitchen and grounds staff and students from Bancroft Elementary School in DC. This is a great teaching moment on nutrition and activity …

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