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Jun 24 2014

Moment of Beauty: Cherry Blossom Rain by Jane

Fruit Tree Blooming Season here was a bit tricky – we had lots of gorgeous blooms, of course, but we also had rain. Rain rain rain rain rain and heywhodaguessedit more rain. There would be these glorious intervals of sunshine, but they’d either be gone by the time you dug the camera out or they …

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Jun 09 2014

Amanda’s Facebook Photography Page is Up!

My friend and photographer Amanda Reese created a Facebook page – if you love pretty pictures, go show her some love! While you’re there, feel free to demand endless pictures of her adorable tiny new kitten, Chipper. There’s never enough kitten! There will be some geology later this summer, too – I’m going to take …

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Nov 30 2013

Sometimes It Works Out Fine

Image is of two cats hugging. Caption says, "Don't worry. Everything is fine now."

Many of you were there to offer cyber-sympathy during the recent dust-up that plunged me into Emoland. Your support prevented me from becoming a permanent resident there – thank you! But for a while there, it looked like I’d be living life without B. Which led to frequent trips to Emoland, lemme tell ya. But …

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Aug 01 2013

One of the Most Beautiful, Courageous People I Know

I wept reading my heart-sister’s response to yesterday’s post. Happy tears, and sad tears, and hopeful tears, and so-damned-proud-of-you tears. She’s had a long, hard journey to get here. But I know she’ll find plenty of loving arms to hug her tight. I love you, my sister. No matter where your path takes you, I …

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Jun 14 2013

Why Is Kink Fun? A Guest post by Greta Christina

Bending cover jpg 600

Unzip your mind. Sit back, relax with your drink of choice, and read the following with a healthy spirit of inquiry. Many of you won’t even need to do that much – you’re kinky yourownselves, and you’re ready to go dive into the book without advance preparation. Some of you aren’t kinky at all, or …

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Apr 14 2013

Halp! We Need Kittehs for Evelyn!

Misha imitating a boulder in a stream bed.

Our own Dr. Evelyn had quite a scare recently – some asshole broke in to her flat and stole her laptop. She wasn’t harmed, but she’s considerably shaken up and in need of an infusion of kittehs. Send her your cute kitteh photos asap! You can reach her at geokittehs at gmail dot com. We’ll …

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Nov 04 2012

For Nicole

Nicole rose cultivar

Lockwood and I went to Avery Park for the geology, but stayed for the rose garden. I’ll have a full bouquet of roses for you sometime in the nearish future, plus one of the best bee photos I’ve ever taken. But for now, I wanted to share one very meaningful rose.

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Oct 18 2012

One of Our Best Bloggers Needs You

Greta Christina is one of the writers I respect most in the world. She recently became a full-time freelance writer, and it seems the world has been out to get her ever since. Her father died just a few weeks ago – then she was diagnosed with endometrial cancer early this week. It’s not the …

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Jun 27 2012

Suzanne’s Citrine

Citrine and sky

I’m going to be doing a post on a magnificent bit of citrine I’ve currently got joint custody of, but this is not that post. Instead, this is me thinking of citrine and realizing I’ve had a piece sitting in a box by my bed for years, waiting for the right home. It’s one of …

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Feb 10 2012

Lilies for a Friend

Beauty in the Blast Zone

2012 is not being kind to kith and kin. Suzanne’s fractured her poor leg and knee. Another friend just sent me rather distressing news. I won’t reveal anything about it until I have her leave, but I figured another installment of flowers was in order. She and Suzanne both could use a little beauty right …

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