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Jun 23 2009

Son of Expelled

Creationists lying to scientists in order to snooker them into appearing in a creationist “documentary”? It is Son of Expelled! Stand by for Bride of Expelled and Expelled 2: Electric Bugalloo, I’m sure.

Jul 01 2008

Expelled Takes Canada by Storm

If you haven’t seen the weekend box office for Expelled’s Canadian debut, swallow whatever you’re drinking, make sure you’re securely seated, and if you haven’t been doing your crunches, apply proper abdominal support. Then click on through to Pharyngula. Isn’t that gorgeous? Canadians drink free in the cantina tonight.

May 22 2008

We Were Wrong About Expelled

It’s soooo not about the evils of evolution: Lots of people have reviewed Expelled. To some the movie has served to confirm their persecution complexes; to others the movie has demonstrated the utter dishonesty of the anti-evolution movement. But here comes Thomas Robb, national director of the KKK (and a Baptist minister), with a thoroughly …

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May 09 2008

Catching Up with Expelled

It’s been a long time since Expelled hit the theaters and failed spectacularly to deal a death-blow to evolution. It didn’t give unstoppable momentum to various Academic Freedom bills. It didn’t topple Michael Moore’s documentary throne. Rather than further its agenda, it managed to make itself a laughing-stock amongst all but the most deluded of …

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May 02 2008

Attention John Derbyshire: the Cantina is Open

Poor John. It’s hard being a conservative in these troubled times. Ben Stein’s fuckwittery knows no bounds: In an interview with the Trinity Broadcasting Network, Ben Stein said the following amazing thing in an interview with Paul Crouch, Jr. Stein: When we just saw that man, I think it was Mr. Myers [i.e. biologist P.Z. …

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May 02 2008

Fight ALL CAPS With ALL CAPS: Brilliant!

I nearly got myself in trouble at work laughing my ass off. I was spelunking the comment thread on Carpetbagger’s “Conservative Ben Stein insists, ‘Science leads you to killing people’” post, enjoying the number of politically active people who are also wise to Intelligent Design’s antics. Right in the middle of it, I encounter this: …

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Apr 30 2008

John Derbyshire Gives Blogger Heart Failure

I hear your two questions: “Who the fuck is John Derbyshire?” and “Which blogger?” This blogger. Me. And this is John Derbyshire. Everybody say “Hi, John!” Yes, I’m asking you to say hello to a conservative columnist. A cheery hello, at that. Even though he’s a homophobic racist hypocrite (as he admits himself), we can …

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Apr 28 2008

Expelled: Extreme Failure Edition

Yes, it’s been a while since I did an Expelled post. Got bored, didn’t I? They weren’t doing anything new and exciting, aside from failing spectacularly. But now, there’s some fresh opportunity for fun at their expense. Premise Media, the assclowns behind Expelled: the Flop, sent PZ Myers and other poor unfortunates on their mailing …

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Apr 23 2008

Expelled Brings the Kooks A-Runnin’

Over at Pharyngula, PZ’s thrown some creationist chum in the water. It’s really not pretty: theists don’t hold up well against science advocates, rational thinkers, and atheists who can quote the Bible chapter and verse. But before you feel sympathy, remember that the dumbfucks brought it on themselves: A fair number of creationists must be …

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Apr 20 2008

So Much for $15,000,000

Heartening news: The first Box Office numbers are in. Expelled opened in 8th place with $1.2M in revenues in 1,052 theatres resulting in a $1,141 per theatre revenue. You do the math. At an average of 5 showings this makes $220 per showing or 30-40 people. Expelled ranks 4th in the list of “new releases” …

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