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May 29 2012

Three Beautiful Things and a Funny

I just spent a few moments perusing G+ whilst dinner cooked. For those of you who aren’t on G+ or don’t follow me there, I figured I’d share, because there are three extraordinarily beautiful photographs and something to delight the hearts of current and former English majors. If I remember rightly, there were people who …

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Aug 14 2010

Grammar Lessons with Bigfoot and Unicorn

Brian Switek linked to this on Twitter, and the English major in me laughed and squeed and decided it was essential to share it with you: Where was this shit when we were in school?

Feb 16 2009

Cons Who Failed English 101

The blogger formerly known as Kagro X takes out Rep. Paul Broun’s rampant dumbfuckery quite nicely, and I’ll leave him to address the railing against imaginary mice, the tax cut tomfoolery, and the myriad other con canards that littered an otherwise eminently forgettable speech. I’m a writer. Of course I’m going to zero in on …

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May 31 2008

Friends, Americans, countrymen, lend me your dictionaries!

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Nicole Palmby. You killed grammar. Prepare to die. Okay, not really. But I needed some sort of introduction for my first post as sub-blogger of Dana’s Wonderful World of Snark. I am Nicole Palmby. And while you may not have killed grammar, it certainly is on its deathbed, …

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Mar 28 2008


Just so we’re clear: I’m one of those pathetic Americans who speaks a few words of español, a smattering more français, and for seasoning can add a greeting or two in Japanese, German, Russian, and sundry other languages. But I’m sadly unilingual. So why all the Spanish? Why not just celebrate my native tongue, unadulterated …

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