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Nov 04 2011

Donors Choose: Updates! Pictures! Notes!

Mrs. W's Class Field Trip

I’m getting a flood of notes from very pleased teachers, and since it was your efforts that made them happy, I thought I should share. Mrs. K’s “Places, Everyone!” is getting its carpet: Thank you all so much for your generous support! I am so excited to have this new carpet on its way! It …

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Oct 26 2011

Donors Choose: Swag!

Right. We did one hell of a job on the Donors Choose Science Bloggers for Students challenge, my darlings. We held on to an easy third place behind PZ “1 Million Hits a Month Easy” Myers and Phil “I’m a Teevee Star!” Plait. That calls for some kind of award! Oh, hey, I promised you …

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Oct 22 2011

Donors Choose: Only Four Hours Left!

Okay, people, it’s crunch time: only four hours left in the Donors Choose challenge, only four hours left to get your donations matched. Thank you to all who’ve already donated! For those who haven’t, there’s still time – get thee to my giving page and make science happen! Let’s finish strong and show these people …

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Oct 22 2011

Donor’s Choose: Mere Hours

Thanks to several generous donors, one amazingly so, we’ve funded Mr. Minkler’s field trip to Great Basin National Park. I expected that one to take us to the 11th hour, but I should have known you lot wouldn’t leave it so long. You’re beyond awesome, you are! I had to scramble to find another project …

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Oct 21 2011

Donors Choose: Bring the Hammer Down!

Our status as of 12:30am PDT

I’m not a natively competitive person, and I don’t foresee any actual losers in the Science¬† Bloggers For Students 2011 challenges, considering that everyone’s involved in an excellent cause. The kids will see nothing but win. But some of us humans need a good friendly rivalry to motivate us. In which case, this is a …

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Oct 20 2011

Donors Choose: Matching Donations and a Thank You Video

Just a quick word before this beautiful thank you from Ms. Davis: you’ve got a chance to earn some extra donation cash from the Donors Choose Board of Directors, if you donate between midnight EST October 20th and the end of the challenge at one minute to midnight October 22nd. Yeah, that’s in addition to …

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Oct 19 2011

Donors Choose: Who Rocks? You Rock!

So, this morning, I get this note from Ms. C: “Dear Dana, Thank you for including my project in your blog; I can’t believe how fast I am getting funded. I love bringing science into the library. I love collecting rocks in Utah, but my metamorphic section is very weak. I am so close to …

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Oct 18 2011

Donors Choose: Final Stretch!

Mah Contribution to the Cause

Right. So remember how I said I’d match two $50 donations? And remember how we had two challenges going on, so I kinda figured I’d split my fundage between the two of them? Heh heh heh whoops. Left it too late. We are down to one unfunded challenge, thanks to your awesomeness. So I put …

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Oct 12 2011

Donors Choose: Let’s Make it Four for Four – and One More!

I’ve got a delightful note here from Mrs. M in Renton, thanking all the folks who put science in her kids’ hands: Dear Olga Vaughan, Mike Myszka, Sylvia, Anne, Patricia Poad, Joseph Tsang, Karin Hills, Rae Gerking, Lynn Gerking, Emily Henry, Chrissy Frashefski, Ryan Knowle, Megan Strom, Lauren Strom, Colette Breshears, CenturyLink, The DonorsChoose.org Team …

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Oct 11 2011

Donors Choose: Now You Get to Choose!

So far, so awesome: 3 of 4 projects funded. ¬°Gracias, mis amigos! You’ve done a fantastic job, and put science in the hands of 216 students. Not bad at all! But now’s no time to rest on our laurels. Mrs. Dye’s Science Rocks project could still use your help. Head over to this page to …

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