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Nov 26 2008

I Am Civically Literate Enough to Write This Blog

I am nearly 100% qualified to opine on political and governmental issues. Ha! And no, I didn’t cheat and Google the answers. If I had, I wouldn’t have missed bloody Question #7. Go see if you do better. This is an interesting little project the ISI’s got. Their official survey – the one people can’t …

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Nov 24 2008

Truth and Reconciliation

If we can’t have war crimes tribunals, at least let us have this: Getting a sense of what the nation doesn’t know about the Bush administration’s secrets is not only daunting, it’s hard to know where to start. In the soon-to-be-published December issue of the Washington Monthly, editor Charles Homans has a must-read cover story: …

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Nov 20 2008

Folks Who Won’t Need “How to Talk to an Atheist”

PZ’s cheering on Catholics for Choice, who apparently borrowed my Smack-o-Matic 3000 when I wasn’t looking and used it to belabor Bill Donahue: From the beginning, the Catholic League was marked by a schizophrenic attitude that would become its hallmark: It simultaneously argued for the right of conservative Catholics to impose their values in the …

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Nov 13 2008

It’s Official. The Republicon Party Is Not Smarter Than a Seven Year-Old

I heard earlier today that Obama has sent a thank-you letter to a seven year-old blogger, but I didn’t think there would be any substance to the story. I thought wrong. I now think we may be looking at a future Democratic president, and no, I’m not being condescending (h/t): Here is why I’m asking …

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Nov 04 2008

Tristero Borrows the Smack-o-Matic

I think it’s melting: Attention, all you Emily Post trolls who need smelling salts after encountering the nasty vicious netroots: “Now, listen, I’ve voted ‘present’ two or three times in my entire 25-year political career, where there might have been a conflict of interest and I didn’t feel like I should vote,” Boehner said. “In …

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Oct 23 2008

Woozle’s Glorious Open Letter to a Crazy Christian Lady

Our own Woozle wrote an open letter to that Jesus freak who believes gay-friendly schools should be bombed. It has only one weakness: it’s not getting the audience it should. Dear crazy Christian lady, I’m writing because you seem like a nice person except for certain things you have said which frighten me a great …

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Oct 23 2008

Is the Revolution Coming to America?

For those who didn’t see this in comments, Last Hussar linked to his fascinating post comparing the Labour Landslide in Great Britain to the Republicon party’s U.S. implosion, and believes we could be looking at a similar moment: Current affairs and politics geeks in the UK will remember the question that was on all their …

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Sep 23 2008

America: You Really Want Us to Love It or Leave It?

Cons have this cute little conversation-stopper they use when liberals and progressives are demanding improvements to America. “Love it or leave it!” they crow. As if wanting to improve something means you don’t love it. As if love means never questioning your country. “Love it or leave it.” All right. What if we did? What …

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Sep 04 2008

Fuck the Elevated Discourse – Gimme a Talking Point and a Hammer

Glenn Greenwald has an utterly valid point to make: Somehow, the deep stupidity of our political discourse actually manages to escalate during presidential campaigns, becoming even more vapid and idiotic than normal. But, as I argued continuously when I did my book tour in April and May for Great American Hypocrites, this is the kind …

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Aug 18 2008

Fighting Fair

I don’t hang about Conservapedia much, or I wouldn’t have missed this delightful exchange. Y’see, Andy Schlafly, assclown extraordinaire, would lurrrv to debate a stinking librul – except for the fact he can’t. He ran away from Ames like a kicked cur. (Note to Andy: here’s how challenges work. If you make ‘em, you pay …

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