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Jul 02 2013


Firefighter sculpture at sunset. Image courtesy Heather Paul (warriorwoman531 on Flickr)

Sometimes, the news from my old home state is horrible. Yarnell, Arizona is a tiny little community along the Highway 89 corridor. It’s got less than a thousand people. It’s in dry country, just a little north of Phoenix, near Prescott. There’s been a drought, and record heat, and it’s the dry-lightning season, when everything’s …

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Mar 13 2011


Collapsed House and Road, Japan What words are there for something like this?  The power of the earthquake that struck Japan, the chaos it caused, seem beyond the ability of language to grasp.  Pictures and video convey some of what it means to be fragile bags of organic matter living on the skin of an …

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Feb 23 2011


Via Callan Bentley and many others, Christchurch moments after the earthquake struck: That’s the dust of a city shaking apart.  Incredible.  If anyone finds out who took this, let me know so I can include proper credit. Here’s another striking image, from friends of @monaeltahawy via a myriad of Twitter folk:  All of this has …

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Feb 23 2011

World Coming Down

I’d meant to get the next Oregon Geology post up, but instead have spent the past several days watching in bemusement, sometimes in horror, as the world changes. In Wisconsin, the Cons in control have rather overplayed their hand.  I’m proud of the Dems there who left the state to deny a quorum, and incredibly …

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Feb 08 2009

To My Australian Readers

Please take any and all steps necessary to avoid burning to death or drowning. It doesn’t look pretty Down Under at all. That would be a NASA satellite photo of fires in Victoria that have killed upwards of 71 people. Not good. And while bits of Australia fry to a crisp, other bits flood. As …

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Dec 15 2008

The Timothy McVeigh Finishing School

Fighting the terrorists over there so that the terrorists here gain valuable experience in killing brown people and blowing things up: Two years ago, the Southern Poverty Law Center ran a devastating report describing the infiltration of neo-Nazis into the ranks of the American military. The Pentagon’s official response was steadfast denial of the problem. …

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Sep 13 2008

Don’t Like Ike

I’m sitting here watching the numbers of customers without power in Houston tick up: 1.3 million, 1.6 million, 1.8 million… I’m reading about the thousands of people who either ignored or couldn’t heed evacuation orders, and whose calls to 911 are now being answered with a sad, “We can’t help you.” You don’t really think …

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