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Jul 03 2013

ZOMFG, Geokittehs and Rosetta Stones in the NYT!

Moi with our very first mention in the NYT!

You guys, something totally beyond belief happened Tuesday – Geokittehs got written up in the New York Times! I wish they’d mentioned Evelyn by name – she’s the one who does all the work – but it was nice to see the author, Jennifer Kingson, spend most of her blurb talking about the actual Geokittehs …

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Jul 01 2013

Ding Dong the Wicked DOMA’s Dead!

Marriage = Love. Image courtesy Fibonacci Blue via Flickr.

Now seems like a good time to let my LGBTQ friends know that they can call upon me should they need a writer’s services in crafting wedding-related stationery items. Despite the fact that our Supreme Court is full of conservative shitheels like Scalia who like to stomp all over important rights, most of DOMA is …

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Mar 31 2013

You Can Haz Easter Bunny

Wild bunny at North Creek.

Ah, Easter! The time of year when devout Christian folks celebrate an impossible sequence of events, and the rest of us sometimes engage in some of the pagan rituals incorporated into the holiday, especially if we have kiddos. I won’t be hunting any eggs myself, but I got you a bunny. Sorry it’s not chocolate. …

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Mar 09 2013

I Got You A Wooden Octopus and Some Beatles for Your Birthday

Wooden octopus shelf brace at a little cafe in Depot Bay, Oregon. I have been trained to think of PZ every time I see cephalopod art. I think it's a conspiracy.

Jeez. PZ makes it another lap around the sun and thinks it’s something special. Piffle. It’s not like it’s his birthday or any- wait. Well, I’ve had this giftie in the closet for a while. Seems a good time to gift it. I’ve also got this very bizarre Beatles birthday song video thingy. I hope …

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Jan 01 2013

Tuesday Tunes: New Year’s Day

Gotz party favorz

Oh, hai, 2013! Glad u maed it! Ai tink we shuld taek this srsly. We shuld haev srs tradishunal song. Culdn’t find wun in lolcat, soree. But it’s pritee. We culd drink to dat! Who haz teh bubblee? Furst rool grate drinkin’: start wid champagne an build. Dunno. Don’t tink moderashun iz here. We’ll have …

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Dec 31 2012

A Triumph for the Mount St. Helens Institute – And You

Mount St Helens Institute reaches 2013 Likes - huzzah!

Not long ago, I received an email from the Mount St. Helens Institute saying they were going to be posting my Prelude to a Catastrophe series as their Holiday Reading series, by way of trying to get to 2013 likes by 2013, and would I be at all interested in helping? And I was both …

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Dec 25 2012

A Christmas Sermon by Robert Ingersoll

Something tells me that Robert Ingersoll and Bill O’Reilly wouldn’t have gotten along. I like that. I hope you’re currently surrounded by food, friends, and family (whether by birth or family you chose). For those of you stuck at work, I wish you an easy shift, and thank you! Did everyone get their gift from …

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Dec 24 2012

Holiday Gifts For You

"Sierra White" granodiorite

When I decided to go back to school to study geology, I really had to start at the beginning with the upper-division undergraduate courses, since my previous education had been in computer and software engineering.  The first class I took was Earth Materials, where I learned to recognize various rock types and incidentally fell in …

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Dec 24 2012

What Pass for Winter Scenes In Seattle – With Basalt, Baby Sloths, and Sea Otters

Basalt column fountain in winter.

It’s not going to be a white Christmas here. More like a gray wet one. That’s how Seattle goes. Still, when the sun peeks out for ten seconds, and the new basalt column fountain’s going, it’s quite pretty even without the frozen white stuff mucking up the roads. So, it’s Christmas Eve here in the …

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Nov 07 2012

Let Breathing Recommence

Thank you. This is your victory.

Oh, thank the people sane enough not to vote for Mittens. You know what, he’s not perfect, and he’s practically a Republican (the sort of Republican you might have found in the mainstream before Republicans lost their shit), but fuck it. Compared to the batshit bizarre fuckknobs now infesting the Con party, and the magic-underwear-wearing …

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