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Sep 18 2010

Jerry Coyne’s Traveling Cats

Love cats, love science, really love a scientist who loves cats!  Jerry Coyne’s had a felid road show this week.  We’re talking about a man who carries a box of cat food around with him for teh kittehs.  He’s got lots of travel photos with kittehs! U can see dem in Greece: And Istanbul: And …

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Aug 21 2010

Scenes From the Cat-Servant Life

I had ambition today.  I promise, I did.  Aaalll sorts of things planned.  Wasn’t gonna be like the cat, doing nothing but lazing round in sunbeams: Yeah, well.  Long day o’ work later, Rocko on me teevee, cat on me arm… And yes, it’s really damned hard to snap photos of the cat with only …

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Aug 09 2010

Bookstore Kittehs!

We haven’t had enough of the cute and furry round here lately.  Happily, thanks to Brian Switek and Brian Romans, that sad situation is remedied: When they aren’t trashing the occasional pricey manuscript with their teeth and claws, cats – in all their blissful sloth – serve as wonderfully calming (if sometimes haughty) hosts: Have …

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Jul 12 2010

Cunning Kittehs

My cat will sometimes sit somewhere just out of view and howl and yowl like she’s trapped, mortally wounded, or otherwise in dire straits.  She does it to see how fast she can make me get up.  She especially loves doing it just as I’m drifting off to sleep.  Apparently, the sight of a frantic, …

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Jul 24 2009

Mah Excuses

If we’re very fortunate, this week’s Sunday Sensational Science will be all about botany. It was supposed to be about the geology of the Wupatki region, but, well, you see, the cat got involved… It’s a large book with glossy pages, and she thinks I purchased it for her comfort rather than our edification. All …

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Jul 15 2009

Study Proves Cats Rule

I knew it: If you’ve ever wondered who’s in control, you or your cat, a new study points to the obvious. It’s your cat. Household cats exercise this control with a certain type of urgent-sounding, high-pitched meow, according to the findings. This meow is actually a purr mixed with a high-pitched cry. While people usually …

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Jul 03 2009

Pansophic Kitteh Sez: Read This Book

My cat may be homicidal, but she’s also a discerning reader. Here she is, drawing your attention to a particularly interesting passage in Guns, Germs and Steel: I’m not sure which passage it was, alas. Too busy photographing the cat. It looks to be the Epilogue, but I can tell you that the entire book …

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Jun 24 2009

I Should Say Something Witty, Profound and Insightful About Current Events…

Instead, I give you Boxing Kitteh: Because while my body came back from vacation, my desire to blog about serious shit is still loafing in the sunshine with a prickly pear vodka in its hand, that’s why. (And yes, the stuff is delish. If you’re ever in AZ, have some.) If it makes you feel …

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Jun 21 2009

Things You Should Never Try At Home

I’ve been clearing out the DVR whilst catching up on household chores and framing the various bits of art I picked up during my vacation. It’s hard to fast-forward through commercials when your hands are full. Usually, I pay no attention to the blather, but it’s a little hard to ignore a scuba-diving cat. If …

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Jun 07 2009

Catblogging: Vacation Edition

Alas, my darlings, I’m exhausted, so no proper vacation blogging tonight, either. The good news is, I can finally hook my machine in through my parents’ internet, which means I have easy access to my photos. U can haz kittehs. When we stopped at Slide Rock, it was a bit too hot to leave Misha …

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