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Nov 16 2011

Interlude with Cat: The Assistant


I’m working on something which won’t have tremendous substance, but will have links to substance, and yummy photos. But it’s taking forever due to a few technical difficulties. Don’t talk to me about getting cats to pose with rocks, or getting enough light out of one bloody bulb, or trying to figure out why the …

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Sep 17 2011

Caturday Sunbeams

And I’m spent. Also very, very behind in this week’s blog reading, so if you lot want a nice, fat Los Links come Monday, I’m going to have to pawn you off with a little light (ah-ha-ha) entertainment. The sun has forsaken us now, but last week, Seattle attempted to apologize for not giving us …

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Sep 03 2011

Caturday Geocat: Hand Sample Analysis

My poor beautiful hand samples from our Oregon trip are just sitting forlorn on the porch, waiting for me to come up with a permanent home for them. I’m afraid I may never get to properly house them, however. My cat has taken a definite interest. We have this little ritual when I come home …

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Aug 20 2011

GeoKitteh Contemplates Hand Samples

All of my lovely rocks from our El Norte adventure are still on a towel in the living room, awaiting their final home. This is normally where teh kitteh’s paper and cardboard are. I thought she might be angry, but she found Mommy washing rocks to be fascinating. Then she decided they’d been placed there …

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Jul 26 2011

Serpentinite and Cat

Sorry, folks.  The week got away from me, and I haven’t got a Dojo post ready. Besides, Karen wants pics of that delightful chunk of probable serpentinite. Alas, I missed my chance Sunday. It was baking hot on the porch, I had Aunty Flow’s typical “hi, I’m here!” agony going on, and the weather folks …

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Jun 19 2011

No Lounge Chair Shall Prevail

We’ve had occasional moments of summer, which means I’m forced to leave the sliding glass door open so that my felid can play Queen o’ the Porch.  So last weekend, there I was, trying to concentrate on me work, and I hears this clunk. I looked outside in alarm, and in the next moment dove …

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May 20 2011

My Cat the Geology Fan

A few of us on Twitter were recently discussing the feasibility of sticking cats in washes in order to create some geology lolcats.  This is the closest my cat will ever come to a dry wash.  She’s not what you might call a fan of the great outdoors.  But, apparently, she likes pop geo books …

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Apr 17 2011

My Cat Is Also a Doctor Who Fan

Fangirl She’s added hanging about with the Doctor Who DVDs to her usual rounds of sleeping on me, her paper, and the back of the couch.  Looks very smug about it, doesn’t she?

Jan 23 2011

Overdose of Cute, Plus Snow!

Some of you like cute kitteh photos.  Well, this post is for you. My cat, who is spawn of Satan at the best of times and something Satan would flee from at the worst, has been overplaying the cute card over the past few weeks.  I believe she’s plotting something.  Or perhaps she’s just saying …

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Oct 21 2010

So Much for Substance

I got the other half of Connie Willis’s two-part book today.  I’m about to go devour it, much like egg-eating snakes devour their dinner.  Alas, my darlings, this means you should expect no posts of substance from me for at least 24 hours. Instead, you’re being subjected to a grab-bag of kitteh stuff.  Why?  Because …

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