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Mar 03 2011

Desert Karst Oasis

“Throw me your favorite geologic picture,” she says.  Like it’s that easy!  I can’t play favorites – every time I choose one, another one gets tears in its pixels and starts wailing, “Wait, what about me?”  And some of them chose to bow out of the Mardi Gras parade, claiming they weren’t colorful enough for …

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Oct 28 2010

Oh, Schist! And Other Stories

Yes, it’s taken me this long to settle on an appropriate deskcrop for this month’s Accretionary Wedge.  In point of fact, I haven’t got any deskcrops.  I haven’t got a desk.  If I did have a desk, I wouldn’t be able to use it, as it would be covered in rocks, books, and the occasional …

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Oct 01 2010

AW #27 Now Available!

For the three or four of you who haven’t yet discovered this, the latest Accretionary Wedge is up at Lockwood’s, and it is brilliant. This ends weeks of torture, as I’d see tweets of various geology posts with some note like, “This is my AW submission!” and, sweating and nearly sobbing, I would therefore refrain …

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Sep 19 2010

Accretionary Wedges

The geologically inclined among ye have got a couple of very important deadlines coming up!  First is September’s Accretionary Wedge, to be hosted at Outside the Interzone: …the topic I settled on is “What is the most important geological experience you’ve had?” The key word there is “important,” and the real task is going to …

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Jul 24 2009

Last Chance to Get Yer Treasure Aboard

NP be takin’ all the Elitist Bastards she can muster aboard. Ye don’t want to miss a nice trip to the beach, now, do ye? Get yer best elitist bastardry submitted to [email protected] by end o’ day Friday so ye’re assured plenty o’ sand, sun and rum. Besides, ye don’t want to miss yer chance …

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Jul 19 2009

Git Yer Bums on t’ Beach!

NP be docking the HMS Elitist Bastard and takin’ the crew out for a little R n R on the beach. Ye know ye’ll want t’ be a part o’ that! All ye have to do in order to enjoy a wee bit o’ sun and fun is get yer submission in to [email protected] by …

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Jun 28 2009

I Am A Disappointed Admiral – and Somewhere, a Pirate Lawyer is Crying

Look what you’ve done to poor Captain John: Yes, you. You know how many Elitist Bastards answered this months’ call? 4. People. Not only is there an infinity of stupidity needing bashing out there, you’ve all let John down on his birthday. I’m so disappointed I can’t even talk pirate right now. And Captain John …

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Jun 27 2009

Yer Captain’s Got a Motivational Speech for Ye

I’ll take it as a personal affront if there is not a plethora of material. You don’t want a lawyer with delusions of being a pirate to be pissed at you. Besides, it’s my birthday and, if it isn’t a good Carnival, I might cry. If there’s anything that you don’t want to see more …

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Jun 24 2009

We Be Deploying Soon!

Captain John Pieret be looking for a few good Elitist Bastards for this month’s voyage of the HMS Elitist Bastard. I know it be short notice, but I also know that most o’ ye haven’t been on vacation, so ye’ve got plenty o’ Elitist Bastardry lying about yer blogs. Get those links in to [email protected]

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May 28 2009

Last Day to Bring Me Yer Treasures

Well, I be gettin’ ahead o’ meself, since I haven’t got much o’ yer booty yet. Be gettin’ those links in to [email protected] by the end o’ the day Friday. I plan to have this ship’s hold full o’ Elitist Bastardry. Don’t make me sail over to yer blog and raid ye, now! For those …

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