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Nov 03 2012

Geopoetry by Karen Locke

The following is a guest post from Karen Locke, one of my most cherished readers (although you know I love you all, right?). She’s submitting this for the Accretionary Wedge #51. I’m two days late posting it. Whoops. But do enjoy whilst I go off and beg Matt to slip this in anyway.   Vaughn …

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Sep 08 2012

Accretionary Wedge #49: Out of This World

T-4 and counting… “No one regards what is at his feet,” Quintus Ennias, the father of Roman poetry, said. “We all gaze at the stars.” And so we do. Those cold points of light in our skies remained mysteries for so long, until we realized they were other suns. And if there were other suns, …

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Sep 03 2012

Accretionary Wedge #49 – Posts Due This Friday!

A few of you have reported to Mission Control, but we haven’t got a full ship yet. Don’t forget to send me your posts by the end of day Friday, September 7th.* We’ll be blasting off over the weekend! This is an incredibly exciting time for geology – we’re doing astrogeology, people. Or exogeology, or …

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Aug 21 2012

A+, Plus Drool-Worthy Geology, AW #49 Info, and Other Bits

A+ logo by by One Thousand Needles, with one minor modification by moi.

Blowing the dust off ye olde computer to say “Allo, allo, I’m still alive!” Taking a break, still, although I’m dipping my toes back in to a desultory bit o’ work. Like, this post. First off, I just want to throw my support to Jen McCreight’s brilliant Atheism + idea. When my brain is back …

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Nov 10 2011

Ge o’ the Lantern


Otherwise known as a geolantern, subspecies of the common jack o’ lantern. And yes, I painted the damned thing. Trust me, you don’t want to let me near a pumpkin with a knife. The results could put you in mind of Jack the Ripper crime scene photos. This all came about through an interesting confluence …

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Nov 02 2011

Geologist Barbie Dream House

Behold the Dream House!

Right. Everybody’s dressing Barbie like a geologist (or other scientist), but has anyone given a thought to where she’d actually live? No. They have not. Maybe they’re planning to plunk some rocks atop that gawdawful pink dream house of hers and call it good. Well, bollocks to that. Geologist Barbie should have a real geology …

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Oct 28 2011

Accretionary Wedge: Deadlines Fast Approaching!

The Accretionary Wedge carnival’s starting November with two back-to-back kinda-Halloween-themed, um, themes. Posts are due soon, so you’d best scramble if you’re planning to wedge yourself in. (Please forgive that last little joke. I know it wasn’t funny. I’m functioning on fractional amounts of sleep just now, and I think my sense of humor went …

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Oct 06 2011

Accretionary Wedge #38: Back to School (Hogwarts, No Less!)

The 38th edition of the Accretionary Wedge is up at Anne Jefferson’s place. She’s done a marvelous job, and so have all of the geobloggers who took her back-to-school theme and ran with it. There’s even a Harry Potter motif! This is the edition that inspired the post that ended up nominated for Open Lab, …

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Sep 14 2011

“Adorers of the Good Science of Rock-breaking”

“Make them like me adorers of the good science of rock-breaking,” Charles Darwin told Charles Lyell once, long ago. This, from a man who also once said of Robert Jameson’s lectures on geology and zoology, “The sole effect they produced on me was the determination never as long as I lived to read a book …

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Aug 30 2011

Accretionary Wedge #37: Now Available! And Sexier than Ever!

There’s some superfine geology in this month’s Wedge. Go have a look!

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