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Jul 18 2009

Viva la Differance

Compare and contrast time, my darlings. Back when Bush was a burden, we had to watch supposed lawyers fuck the law up the back passage without lubricant, and his supposed lawyers are still trying to do so today: David Shuster and Harper’s Scott Horton break down John Yoo’s poorly written op-ed at the Wall Street …

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Jul 12 2009

Shocking News: Bush Regime Lied and Broke the Law

If you’re astonished by this, you just slept through the last eight years. The rest of us were patiently waiting to see just how much worse the Bush regime was – we knew a fair bit about their nefariousness, but we knew there was much, much more. And now there’s an inspectors general report covering …

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May 30 2009

Bush: Still Stupid After All These Months

Yes, I admit it. I sometimes miss Bush bashing. He possessed a quality of stupid that was one step above the rest. He’s still got it: President Bush — in contrast to Dick Cheney — has insisted that President Obama “deserves my silence.” Yesterday, in his largest domestic speech since leaving office, however, Bush would …

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