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Feb 01 2014

Four Tits, a Woodpecker, and a Nuthatch Fly Up to a Feeder….

Blue Tit I

It can get awfully busy at RQ’s feeder on a cold winter morning. Check out the crowd she had just a few days ago! (Also: Someone’s going to have to write a mildly-bawdy and possibly feminist punchline for that post title.) First, some Blue Tits:

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Jan 31 2014

Cryptopod: It’s Got Legs

Cryptopod I

A long, long time ago in a life far, far away, I dated a clown. No, seriously, a clown. Well, aspiring clown. Phillip ran away to join the Circus Center’s Clown Conservatory. (Before all the coulrophobics in the audience freak out: he’s more like a Charlie Chaplin clown. I’ve never seen him in the disturbing …

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Jan 26 2014

Adventures in Biblical Literalism Vol. II: A Mighty Wind

Image is Pope Ratzinger with some sort of capelet thingy blown up around his shoulders and poofed out by a breeze. The caption says "It's not just a Fart - it's the winds of GOD!"

This literal reading of the Bible has made me think God’s a rather flatulent fellow. Two lines of Biblical evidence point me toward this conclusion. It begins right at the beginning. The ol’ KJV has it that, before God turned the lights on, the Spirit of him was moving on the face of the waters. …

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Jan 25 2014

Where Baby Rocks Come From

geo love

No worries, it’s probably suitable for work unless you have some very uptight office mates. Very Leave it to Beaver. If you choose to see it as a kiss, anyway.

Jan 24 2014

Mystery Flora: Floral Castanets

Mystery Flora I

Discovery Park’s been on my mind, so of course I’ve gone there for our first mystery flower of 2014. These are actually 2013′s flowers, mind – these photos are from a hike we took in June last year. They remind me how much I miss the sun and wish I was good at flamenco dancing. …

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Jan 19 2014

Moon Art Madness

Image shows a crescent moon with many crows flying past it.

Gotta love the Moon, right? Big ol’ lighty-uppy thing makes the nights all pretty, has got lots of rocks on. Lovely. And with modern cameras and software, you can create moon art with the press of a few buttons. I play with photo editing programs sometimes just to see what happens.

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Jan 18 2014

Can Someone With Bollywood Knowledge Please Tell Me WTF’s Going On Here?

Goddess going after a god with a trident. I don't know who she is, but I bloody love her style.

I miss Nami and Janhavi. They used to drag me to their houses to watch Bollywood films. I’d sit there watching people in very colorful costumes swirl around, and I’d listen to some very energetic songs, and be thoroughly mystified as to what was happening and why my friends were laughing their asses off. But …

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Jan 17 2014

Fundamentals of Fungi: Wee Black Cups

Last winter, I saw a scattering of little black bits on one of the tree planter dealies. I thought at first someone had dropped a bit of something from a pocket, but upon bending over, determined it was a scattering of the most delightful wee black cup-shaped fungi I’d ever seen. I didn’t tend to …

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Jan 10 2014

Unidentified Flying Dinosaur: First of ’14


The first day of the year is always one of anticipation for me: I enjoy keeping track of some of the firsts. The first book I’ve read start-to-finish will be The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul, for instance. Not that I haven’t read it before, but it’s been years, and I’d forgotten much of …

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Jan 07 2014

An Atheist at the Grand Canyon

An atheist, namely moi, at the Grand Canyon. I'm standing on a lovely white bit of the Kaibab Limestone, with the whole layer-cake vista of the Canyon behind me. You can tell I'm an atheist because I am standing with a jaunty hand on my hip, rather than kneeling in awe-filled reverance. Photo courtesy Cujo359.

Ah. I see someone’s living in a fantasy world. Via Steven Newton at the NCSE blog, I’ve learned that Time Magazine has a wretchedly ridiculous article up entitled “Why There Are No Atheists at the Grand Canyon.” Now, I know editors sometimes affix inaccurate and frankly absurd titles to perfectly good articles, but this one …

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